SuperStar NBA Player Damian Lillard Is Now Vegan

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user michalkajzerek)

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user michalkajzerek)

Portland, Oregon—Earlier this month, Superstar NBA guard Damian Lillard took to his Instagram account this month, and claimed he was vegan and "getting his life right."

Lillard is now down to 190 pounds, five pounds lighter than his weight at the end of July. This last season, he weighed just under 200 pounds, but wanted to slim down, which he's done by swimming, boxing and cutting out many things from his diet.

Oregonian sportswriter Mike Richman said the dietary change is fitting for Lillard: "[who] If nothing else, experimenting with a vegan diet is extremely on brand for someone who has lived in Lake Oswego for a half decade."

When asked about it, Trail Blazers spokesperson Collin Romer said, "I don't talk to him much about his diet. It's a personal thing. He's our star player. If he makes a lifestyle choice that people identify with, it's going to get attention. I think it's fairly unique.”

Welcome, Dame. We wish you nothing but the best going forward!

-Marcus A.


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