'Vegan Batman Light' Is Shining A Light On Veganism

Admit it, when you first read the headline Vegan Batman Light a part of you rolled your eyes. Well, you wouldn't be alone in that initial thinking. But after you go more in depth with it, you realize why it's not so crazy after all.

The brainchild of Oklahoma native and activist Connie Spence, the Vegan Batman Light (VBL) was created as a way to (pun intended) shine a light onto the subject of veganism. The idea seems relatively simple, which makes it even more amazing that no one had thought of it until she did.

The light is shone through a giant projector and displays informational, inspirational and thought-provoking messages about veganism onto the surface of buildings. Much like bat signal was in times of need in popular Batman publications.

The idea was conceived after the presidential election when an artist shone an anti-Trump message on an Atlanta hotel. After a lot of technical trial and error, Spence got the equipment together and blasted her first truth beam in mid-December of 2016 – on a pig slaughterhouse. Since then, Spence has done it over 50 times in many different areas in LA, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. She has had to deal with more than 30 police officers being called on her for vandalism, yet she’s only been shut down once – being that it’s only a light and therefore not illegal.

Connie considers this to be a new form of activism, and she is raising funds with a Go Fund Me campaign to start new chapters of the Vegan Batman Light

We can only wish Ms. Spence the best of luck on her heroic crusade.

If you’d like to be a part of Connie’s journey you can check out her Go Fund MeFacebook, and Instagram.


-Elliot Chan

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