Target Introduces New Vegan Meat!

Ah, Target. That seemingly always full, distinctively aromatic, place I will ALWAYS visit instead of Walmart. Lately, they’ve been winning the vegan community over more and more with their larger scale distribution of vegan products, from Gardein to Annies, and more.

The increase in vegan options is a major indication that veganism is becoming a more serious player in the cruelty-free food business. Which is why we were excited to hear that Target has recently launched their own line of vegan meats. This is significant because they wouldn’t be going to the lengths of manufacturing their own vegan products if the demand wasn’t there. Let’s be real, Target is the money business – and for them that's the bottom line in every decision they make. But whatever the reason, we’re happy to know they’re catering to vegan demand and that they see that veganism is something that’s here to stay.

And here’s the kicker, this means that vegan meats overall will likely lower in price because of their presence in the market. So no more complaining that vegan food is too expensive. It’s a win-win for everyone.  

Have you tried the new vegan meats at Target? If so, let us know what you think of them!


-Samara Malone

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