Seaworld Is In BIG Financial Trouble (Again)!

Famed aquatic amusement park Seaworld has reported record-low sales and attendance in its first and second fiscal quarter. According to SeekingAlpha, attendance was down by more than 350,000, with profit losses valued at $237 million. The company's woes started in 2013, no doubt in direct correlation to the 2013 documentary Blackfish – which underscores problems within the sea-park industry. Several popular animals have died inside the park’s aquatic tanks, including famed orca Tilikum, which was featured in the movie Blackfish –directly linking to the company’s continued drop in stock.

Orca's have been the subject of many animal rights activist protests.

Orca's have been the subject of many animal rights activist protests.

PETA’s vice president Tracy Reiman issued a statement asking “How many more animals will die, and how much lower will SeaWorld's profits go, before the company heeds PETA's call to move the surviving animals to coastal sanctuaries?”

Seaworld has yet to respond to this, with their CEO Joel Manby instead saying that he plans to redirect funds to focus on advertising to rebuild the company’s reputation, particularly in California.

It will be interesting to see how much lower Seaworld will let its stock drop before having to take drastic action, like closing down parks. I guess only time will tell.


-Samara Malone

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