Impossible Burger Reveals It Tests On Animals

I remember first hearing about the impossible burger for the first time. It was billed as the burger that was going to bridge that gap for meat-eaters to finally go vegan – more or less because you couldn’t tell the difference between it and a regular beef hamburger. With the biggest selling point being that it ‘bled like a real hamburger’. As disgusting as that sounds many vegans were ok with it as long at it led people to more cruelty-free eating. But this latest revelation may be too much – no matter who it leads to veganism.

The company revealed that it tested its inaugural product on rats. To be exact, the ‘heme’ ingredient – which is a genetically modified yeast. The company, though, stresses that the testing was done out of necessity – because of pressure from the FDA to prove that the that the heme product was safe for human consumption.

But many may argue that the testing was unnecessary, given that new ingredients don’t require FDA approval before distribution.  Companies can instead hire consultants to conduct tests on ingredients. A process called self-affirmation. Which means that the company likely wanted the FDA’s stamp of approval for better marketing and distribution of its product.

It’s a shame that rats had/have to suffer unnecessarily for a product being consumed by humans, but this isn’t the first or last time it will happen.

How do you guys feel about Impossible testing its products on animals to get FDA approval? Will you continue to support them?


-Marcus A.