Hit Movie 'Okja' Causes Huge Spike In Vegan Google Searches!

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Even thinking about the movie Okja makes me emotional. And you can call me overly sensitive if you like, but I find it hard to believe that most people wouldn’t feel the same after watching it. For those that haven’t yet seen it, Okja is a beautiful movie about a girl's friendship with a 'super pig' that is destined for slaughter. The movie has been a hit on Netflix and has caused those that have seen to it change their thinking and actively seeks vegan resources.

According to PETA, there has been a 65% increase on Google for the term ‘vegan.’ That search density is equivalent to a number of searches made around New years when people are looking to make dietary and lifestyle improvements in their lives. This is similar to the increase in veganism acclaimed documentary What the Health has been causing.

It’s not surprising that these two movies have forced people to face issues of ethics and health because as a wise man once said, ‘with knowledge comes power.’ And we believe this is a start of a worldwide vegan revolution.


-Samara Malone

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