Singer Ne-Yo Goes Vegan!

In a recent Facebook live video, R & B superstar Ne-yo shares that he has recently gone vegan, thanks to the ever popular documentary What the Health. Why is this big news? Simple, because Ne-yo is an international superstar and he influences millions by his actions.

In the video he thanks What the Health and a friend for putting him onto the video, stating: ‘I ain’t eating none of that sh*t no mo’! And he also asks fans and supporters for their assistance in helping him find recipes, as he walks around a grocery store – seemingly on his first grocery shopping trip as a newly minted vegan.

“It really is mind-blowing how blissfully ignorant I was” states the singer, moving from isle to isle in search of vegan treasures.

We’re very excited by Ne-yo’s decision and hope that he stays the vegan path, considering he has tried veganism before. “I did the vegan thing one time before,” he has stated. “I lasted for like a month or so.” Ne-yo’s public proclamation makes it harder for him to not be held accountable for his actions going further and also serve as a notice for many others. He has already received heaps of praise and support from his vegan and non-vegan fan – something we believe will only increase as more people get word.

Congratulation Ne-yo, your actions are very appreciated and will help many people's transition much easier.


-Samara Malone

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