PETA’s Message To Tinder: 'No More Selfies With Tigers!'

Editor’s note: Many people believe we are trying to be the vegan tinder. Or that we’re in ‘competition’ with them. But if you’ve followed what we’ve been doing then you know that’s not even remotely close to our goal. We are in the business of connecting plant-based people – on many different levels – like it’s never been done before.

We’ve all seen them as we swiped through tinder. Some traveler on a self-proclaimed ‘best vacation ever’ – taking a picture with a drugged-up tiger. Not understanding that tigers are naturally apex predators. Meaning, the last thing you’d ever be doing next to a free, wild, non-drugged tiger is smiling and wanting to pose for a photo.

Thankfully, it’s being stopped. Tinder, the popular matchmaking company, has been prodded by PETA to take action against the ridiculous ritual of tiger selfies in the wake of international tiger day, saying in a press release that “posing next to a king of the jungle doesn’t make you one.” And that “…wild animals deserve to live in the wild.”

Tinder users are notorious for crafting outlandish and elaborate profiles to drum up more engagement and interest, so the company reminded its users that they still have many other ideas to choose from to compensate for the tiger selfies photos they have removed.

We love the idea and the initiative they've put forth, and hope more companies take note of this.

Tinder is also planning to donate $10,000 to the conservation of tigers. We love that they’re getting involved!


-Marcus A.

Vegr Contributing Writer and Editor 

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