Tesla’s New Electric Car Is Vegan Friendly​​​​​​​!

Innovative car company Tesla has recently been in the news because it’s releasing the ‘model 3’, which is the companies first foray into what is viewed as ‘affordable’ transportation. The model 3 will rival popular cars Audi A4 and BMW 3 series in size and price.

But as they say ‘the devil’s in the details’, which couldn’t be more true with this model. Last year, Tesla’s super-star owner Elon Musk confirmed, via Twitter, that the model 3 would be available without leather seats.

In previous models, cloth seating was available by request. But with these new model 3’s it’ll be standard. Which, of course, is a big win for veganism. Especially for those, like myself, that are enamored with Tesla’s innovation. And to make the car fully vegan, you can opt for a non-leather steering wheel, too.

The new model 3 is priced at around $35,000. The company is now taking pre-order deposits with promises of a mid-2018 delivery. The car is fully electric and can go about 215 miles on a single charge. 

I'll be seeing you all in traffic!

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Samara Malone
Vegr Contributor and Editor


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