Is Game Of Thrones Actress Vegan?

Note: I am an avid Game Of Thrones fan, and admittedly think that Nathalie Emmanuel is mouth-wateringly gorgeous. So this article will be written with extreme bias. You've been warned.

British actress (and goddess) Nathalie Emmanuel, who captivates us weekly as ‘Missandei’, Khaleesi’s right hand-woman on HBO’s megahit Game Of Thrones, is an avid and proud vegan. Who knew?

Apparently, the sickeningly beautiful actress adopted the plant-based lifestyle over four years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. As an avid athlete that enjoys running, yoga, swimming, and boxing (as seen on her Instagram page), it’s easy to see how she so looks so great on and off camera, and especially in those more ‘risqué’ scenes on GOT.

It’s empowering to see another high-profile star giving credence to a vegan diet, as she describes her favorite post workout meal as greens, beans, veggies, and quinoa.

And like most goddesses, Nathalie occasionally takes the time to recognize her sweet tooth, as seen in this picture she posted on her IG page (this cookie-dough milkshake looks amazing!).

Overall, it’s just fantastic to see her spreading vegan-vibes and goodness to her millions of social media followers. Showing many that she’s more than just a pretty face and badass actress. Keep it up, Nathalie – and, officially, welcome to the club!


Marcus A.

Vegr Contributing Writer and Editor 

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