California Butcher Shop Admits That Killing Animals Is Inhumane

BERKELEY, CA.the Local Butcher Shop periodically hosts in-shop butchering classes, only to be met by ‘Direct Action Everywhere’ (DXE) protestors dripping blood, chanting, yelling, and wrapping themselves in plastic to mimic the slain animals that had been turned into cuts of meat.

This went on for months, to the detriment of the shop. So what do you do when you’re in a no-win situation with non-violent protestors? You do what any exacerbated business would: you ask those protesting what exactly they want – and you do it. Which is exactly what happened. DXE listed their demands and the Local Butcher Shop met them.

In these demands the shop must hang a sign on their storefront that says “Attention: Animals lives are their right. Killing them is violent and unjust, no matter how it’s done.”

Which is interesting, especially the considering the shop’s website boasting about its farms’ 'humane practices.'

They are supporters of animal welfare, which is very distinct from animals rights. The notion of the right way to do the wrong thing is exactly what we are here to challenge,” said DXE organizer Matt Johnson.

DXE often targets businesses that advertise humanely-slaughtered meat because they believe the notion of ‘humane meat’ is the ‘wobbly linchpin’ that keeps animal agriculture going. They are also known for their high-profile protests and slaughterhouse raids. With arrests being made many times because of them.

Because it’s headquartered in one of the epicenters of ethical eating and vegan culture, DXE plans to awaken many other businesses of their illogical ways. With the ultimate goal being “a nonviolent world where we’re not hurting animals for any purpose.”

What do you think about DXE? Do you support them or not?