World’s Largest Meat Company Reports Massive Profit Losses After Scandal


A week ago, Brazilian mean giant JBS reported an incredible 79.8% decline in second quarter profits, compared to the same time last year. Trouble for the company started in March when a conspiracy involving rotten meat and bribery was uncovered by group Operation Weak Flesh. JBS reportedly bribed health official and politicians to look the other way and allow for contaminated meat, doused with chemicals to mask its rotting smell, to be sold.


Since that time, many JBS higher-ups have been terminated, the company was fined millions, and a large number of countries worldwide have banned Brazil from the importing meat to them.

A report by animal-rights organization Mercy For Animals has found that the first day of the multi-country ban resulted in a major decrease in Brazil’s daily meat export. A whopping decline from $63 million to a paltry $74,000.

There is no way the company can continue to operate if numbers stay at this level of decline. Which, for those concerned about animals rights, is a fantastic and encouraging news.


-Elliot Chan