The Vegan Mafia Is Real, And They Want A Meatless World!

Many have heard rumblings of a supposed ‘Vegan Mafia,’ which, for those that don’t know, is like the vegan version of the Illuminati in the entertainment industry. Well, let me be the first to tell you they’re extremely real, and their agenda will have vegans around the planet singing their praises.

Recently, a report by CNBC discovered a group of forward-thinking investors that are known as the ‘vegan mafia.’ An influential and super-rich group of investors, highlighted by the CEO of Google Ventures Bill Maris, has come forward and unveiled their mission to veganize the world.

The group’s members include successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and biotech engineers that span the globe, using their resources and capital to fund businesses centered in the vegan related ventures all over.

The group features many prominent, industry-known, but maybe not as socially-known, figures, including Google CEO Bill Maris, who is a confirmed vegan. As well as Kevin Boylan, Mark Rampolla, and Jody Rasch, the owners and founders of Veggie Grill, Zico coconut water and VegInvest, respectively.

The company has funded many well-known companies such as Veggie Grill, Geltor, and Beyond Meat.

Let’s hope their plan to veganize the world is a success!

What do you think about the vegan mafia?


-Marcus A.

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