Pam Anderson Inspires 'America’s Fattest City's' Major To Go Vegan!

Photo courtesy of BBC

Photo courtesy of BBC

Recently, a new group called Plant Based Health Mississippi (PBHM) launched in Jackson, Mississippi, which is news because the city had been labeled America’s fattest city by finance company WalletHub. After finding out about the dubious distinction, actress Pamela Anderson challenged the cities mayor Chokwe Lumumba to try veganism for one month – which he gladly accepted.

PBHM first official event will be held on August 27. They’ll be screening the acclaimed documentary What the Health, followed by a plant-based food tasting reception, and plant-based eating informational lectures given by vegan chefs, doctors, personal trainers, and more!

In terms of health and awareness, there’s obviously a lot to be work to be done in Jackson, but like anything monumental, change begins with small steps. We wish Jackson and the other fat cities the best of luck, and we hope they all get and accept vegan challenges from all over.

-Samara Malone