Half A Billion Less Animals Were Killed For Food Compared To 10 Years Ago

Photo courtesy of Woodstock Sanctuary

Photo courtesy of Woodstock Sanctuary

Good old 2007. The iPhone was still a year away from taking the world by storm, social media wasn’t really a thing, and I was still ignorantly eating meat and other animals products. My how things have changed since then. But, in this particular case, they have changed for the better.

Since 2007, meat consumption in the U.S. has dropped by close to 10%, says a study conducted by the humane society. Down from 9.5 billion land animals killed for food, down to 9 billion. A mammoth drop when you consider how large a number 500 million really is.

Some have attributed the drop to the high levels of information available at our fingertips. From veganism to meatless Mondays, and the alike -- It's almost impossible to avoid. No one knows the exact reasons, but what we do know is that the paradigm-shift is a huge step in the direction towards compassion and healthy eating.

It’ll be interesting to see that number increase as we become more informed as a people. It’s exciting!


-Samara Malone