Cameras To Be Put In England Slaughterhouses To Stop Abuse!

I have always fancied England for the sheer pageantry and nostalgia that it has always brought me. But now, I love England a bit more.

In an ode towards animal rights, it was recently announced that all slaughterhouses in England will be outfitted with closed circuit TV. Which is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored -- primarily for surveillance and security. The investment will, no doubt, position them as the world’s leader when it comes to animal rights – and give millions around the world a look into the conditions animals are forced to live in.

The environment secretary, Michael Gove, will soon announce the move to the public. While much is still hazy about the plan, what is clear is that veterinarians will get unlimited access to areas where animals are being kept – which will ensure there is nothing being hidden from them.   

Mandatory CCTV in all areas of slaughterhouses will provide an essential tool in fostering a culture of compassion that could help safeguard animal welfare and we are particularly pleased to see a commitment to official veterinarians having unrestricted access to footage.
— British Veterinary Association president Gudrun Ravetz

Chickens bred for consumption will be the first to be surveilled; followed by egg-laying hens. As the plan progresses, more animals will be included.

This is obviously a huge win for the animal advocacy community. And even though an end to animal agriculture is the ultimate goal, this look into the heartless and merciless canals of animal agriculture will hold them a bit more accountable. Here’s hoping the rest of the world quickly jumps on board.


-Elliot Chan

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