Breaking News: Lower Life Insurance For Vegans

It seems like every week I hear another non-vegan friend tell me they’re either giving veganism a chance or thinking about it. And it all stems from the success of the Netflix movie What the Health (On a similar note, we released our own mini-movie called Why Vegan?, which, if we do say so ourselves, has inspired veganism for hundreds of people in its own right). What The Health has been so successful because it tapped into the one thing people care about the most: themselves. And it showed them that if they aren’t careful, they won’t be around very long. And even though (like anything positive) there are still those that choose to bury their heads in the sand and refute the claims made in What The Health, there’s a surprising benefit that it’s brought about, which is saving money on insurance.

There is growing evidence that suggests vegans have a lower risk of serious illnesses. Life insurance premiums are calculated based on several factors, including family medical history, lifestyle choices such as alcohol and nicotine intake, so surely a vegetarian or vegan diet should be considered, too.
— Make a Difference managing director Brian Jones

As quoted directly from their official page, HealthIQ offers lower insurance to vegans (mainly life insurance) because their diet choices make them healthier and likely more to longer than non-vegans. This puts veganism in the spotlight for reasons other than animal rights and dietary restrictions – which is an incredible victory for veganism and all those interested in it.

HealthIQ cites a study done by the Public Health Nutrition Journal which states that vegans are 63% less likely to suffer from hypertension, which is the number one contributor to heart attacks. As well as being less likely to suffer from cancer, diabetes, and dementia.

Because HealthIQ has such large database, they’re able to work directly with vegans and get them the best possible deals on their insurance policies.

HealthIQ isn’t the first company to report vegans generally being offered lower life insurance rates. But they are the first company that, more or less, puts their money where their mouth is and scripts a plan specifically for vegans so they are rewarded for their healthy ways.

An article recently surfaced claiming that there are now 20 million vegans in the United States. As a brand that will soon connect the plant-based community like never before, we love seeing veganism grow, and people benefitting from it financially. We personally don’t care why people go vegan, we just care that they do.

What are your thoughts on lower insurance for vegans? Leave your comments, thoughts, and concerns below!

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