Another NFL Player Has Gone Vegan

Lo and behold, What the Health has done it again. I swear, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

The first major NFL player I heard about going vegan was David Carter.

And boy was there a wave of love for that guy. I mean he was literally everywhere. Then Colin Kaepernick was thrust into the American spotlight for refusing to stand for the National anthem as a way to protest the continuous killing of unarmed black and brown people by the hands of the police. But lost in all that was his decision to go vegan. Which, at the time, cared many of his coaches because they ignorantly believed he wouldn’t be able to gain the necessary bulk needed to be an NFL quarterback. Now, you can add left tackle Trent Williams to the list. Williams watched the super successful What the Health and decided plant-based was the way to go for the betterment of his health.

“I’m bettering my life. I ain’t f***ing with that animal product no more,’ Williams stated.

Speaking as an NFL lover, this is GREAT NEWS, because the 29-year-old, 6’5”, 320 lbs. Trent Williams is a phenomenal player. Unlike David Carter who was marginal at best (no offense). Williams has been All-Pro 5 times, and listed as a top-100 player by many publications.

Williams’ authority has already started to work on others, too. During a recent personalized training session held at his Texas home, Williams introduced teammates to a plant-based diet and other activities – Inspiring teammates Arie Kouandjio to go fully vegan, and Isaiah Williams to become pescatarian.

It’s fantastic to see people turning to veganism, no matter if it’s for ethical or health related reasons. I personally think the trend is only going to get bigger and bigger.

Where do you see veganism going? Do you think it will continue to grow?

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