$5000 To Go Vegan?

WELL-KNOWN ORTHODOX RABBI, Shmuly Yanklowitz, has challenged synagogues across the United States and Canada to give veganism a go. With the help of Vegfund, which provides grants to vegan activists to support their outreach efforts, he pledged to give away a total of $25,000 to help them do that. After turning to a plant-based diet 6 years ago, Yanklowitz is a staunch supporter of the vegan movement and what it stands for, believing it to be both ethical and healthy.

As one of the worlds most influential Jews Yanklowitz knows, good or bad, he’s going to create quite a stir with this offer. But what he most wants is for people to understand that a vegan diet is critical to people’s health, and also that a synagogue is a place where information and education (in this instance veganism) change hands.

Like many of us, Yaklowiitz wasn’t always vegan, so he understands what the transition is like, and how difficult it can be for many. Which is why this offer exists. To entice major changes through financial incentives.

Claiming that there are no vegan synagogues in a country that houses over 4000 synagogues, he believes that the Jewish community is missing out on a major piece of the societal dialogue.

With the $25,000 budget, there’s obviously enough budget for five churches to participate. Involvement specifies committing to a vegan event at least once a month. With many synagogues reportedly interested, size of synagogue and congregation, social prestige, and their creativity involving the required vegan events, it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of it all.

Know of any synagogues that might want to participate? They can do so here!

veganism in the jewish community