Could This Be The Most Cringy Carnist Ad Of All Time?

So, the Australian meat industry is getting desperate and has decided to win people over by wasting a ton load of money on this ridiculously cringe-worthy Lamb TV Commercial, which paints the consumption of meat as an act that brings people together regardless of where they sit on the political spectrum.

They conveniently chose to ignore how destructive the meat industry is to our health and have even made an ironic and hypocritical global warming reference (the consumption of meat is the number one cause of global warming). Have a look at the video below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Attention: Milan Ross, The Man Who Murdered His Family Is Not Vegan!

Anthony Milan Ross

The first thing I did yesterday morning when I woke up with a good 10 minutes to spare was grab my phone and casually scroll my Facebook feed. Nothing particularly stood out except for one story that caught my eye- ‘Vegan man murders his family’. Without delay, I clicked on the post and read the shocking details. The mainstream article kept referencing him being vegan as an element of somewhat relevance. I don’t know about you guys but, aside from the unequivocal fact that the man was a monster and grade 1 psychopath, the fact that they used the word ‘vegan’ as a tool or a hook to sell the article really bothered me. So, I thought I’d address this.

It has always been clear that the mainstream media is no friend to the vegan movement, but taking this opportunity to associate the man being ostensibly vegan with his monstrous acts is no less than a cheap shot. Really, mainstream media? I can now see why the term ‘Fake News’ came about so casually in reference to your dishonesty. Plain and simple- the man is and was not vegan. You know it. We know it. Hell, HE knows it!

Let’s break this down in the simplest and quickest of ways. Vegans are against killing ALL living animals. I mean, we don’t partake in anything that has to do with harming anyone. Veganism is compassion. That man was clearly not compassionate. True vegans commit to their lifestyles and face years of nutritional compromise, ridicule from normies and social scarcity because, deep in their hearts, the thought of harming ANYTHING with feelings disgusts them. This was clearly not the case with this guy. The man killed. He killed his beautiful family with his bare hands without remorse, without a milligram of compassion and that clearly illuminated the fact that he never cared about the animals from the very beginning.

Yes, he successfully deceived the world into believing he was vegan by falsely labeling himself as one but that doesn’t mean jack. I could label myself as the prince of Bora Bora; that does not mean it’s true. We judge people based on their actions. That man’s actions clearly signify that he is not a vegan and the world should know this.

Let’s send this message to our mainstream minded friends so that people don’t ever think that vegans could ever commit such atrocious, villainous and nauseating acts.

May his family rest in peace.

Alex Moller
Vegr Co-Founder

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James Cameron Nails It With His Latest Vegan Documentary!

is james cameron vegan?

James Cameron is back at it with a thought-provoking, riveting and trend-setting documentary titled: The Game Changers. The documentary, which is due to debut at Sundance on the 19th of January, attempts to eradicate fake and unfair stereotypes afflicting vegans, particularly vegan men (being told that you can't be vegan and masculine). 

In the documentary, Cameron, who is a long time vegan, highlights the benefits many athletes have been reaping from incorporating a vegan diet into their lives. The film features elite athletes such as UFC star James Wilks, U.S. Olympian Kendrick James Farris and surfer Tia Blanco.

The documentary effectively bulldozes myths against plant-based diets by subtly covering multiple topics pertaining to human performance, diet, the environment and yes, believe it or not- erections!

The documentary is essential in shining a positive light on veganism and encouraging people to commit to a plant-based lifestyle without having to feel like they are compromising any aspect of their physical performance.

2018 is going to be a great year for veganism!

Samara Malone
- Vegr Reporter

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Kyrie Irving's new secret weapon: Veganism.

vegan basketball players

Boston, Massachusetts - Kyrie Irving, known as one of the NBA's most efficient, explosive and clutch players has been producing MVP numbers in the past month. He has convincingly led the Boston Celtics to an impressive 16 game winning streak and pundits have been vocal about his added speed and stamina.

When asked to comment about his remarkable outburst and surge in on-court energy, Kyrie attributed it to his new plant-based regimen:

"Been on more of a plant-based diet, getting away from the animals and all that. I had to get away from that. So my energy is up; my body feels amazing."

The question now is not whether Kyrie will continue this auspicious lifestyle upgrade or not; Kyrie is a very stubborn man according to his teammates. The real question is whether other NBA players will continue to follow the 2011 No. 1 overall draft pick's lead. We have already seen big-time superstars such as Damian Lillard, Wilson Chandler and Al Jefferson, as well as role players such as Garrett Temple, Enes Kanter, JaVale McGee and Jahlil Okafor transition to a vegan or vegetarian diet over the past 12 months, so things are looking more promising than ever. Only time will tell.

Hurry up, LeBron!

Elliot Chan
Vegr Contributor

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