FOOD TERRORISM: Exposing confidential secrets the food industry doesn’t want you to know (& how you can fight back now!)

Food Terrorism final.jpg
Food Terrorism final.jpg

FOOD TERRORISM: Exposing confidential secrets the food industry doesn’t want you to know (& how you can fight back now!)


WARNING: Food Terrorism is extremely explosive and contains confidential information the food industry doesn’t want you to know. And soon owning it might be considered illegal.

Read it at your own risk!

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'If you don't want to know the truth DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!'

-Missy Andersen, 38

How is it possible people are living longer, yet we’re sicker & unhealthier than ever?

Have you every noticed most food ingredients are something only Bill Gates or Stephen Hawking can understand?

And how come there are so many cute cartoon characters on the packages of the crappiest foods most?


The good news is they only want your money.

The bad news is they’ll say or so anything to get it. And they have the backing of the biggest, most legally corrupt agencies on the planet so good luck.


If the health of you or your family becomes a casualty of their corruption — so what.

So the question is are you going to fight back or just give in and let them win?

Food Terrorism is your blueprint to:

Ø Making more informed choices about what you eat

Ø Understanding the tricks the food industry uses to confuse you

Ø Pinpointing the 10 unhealthy foods you must avoid like the plague

Ø Examining the effects of sugar and processed foods

Ø Finding the right health and nutritional information

Ø Decoding ingredients lists and food labels

Ø Reversing dietary damage done to your body

Ø Creating a plan of action

Ø Knowing how to eat healthily in any restaurant

Ø And much more…

This explosive book is based on hard evidence and research that has been painstakingly gathered, and gives your the tools needed to conquer Food Terrorism before you’re either too fat, too sick, too far gone to do anything about it.

The choice is yours right here and right now!

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