“I’m tired of killing myself in the gym, micro-watching everything I eat, and feeling like a failure because nothing is working for me."


Discover the most effective way to burn belly fat, eat all your favorite foods, and NEVER AGAIN feel the frustration associated with weight loss – all without having to punish yourself in the gym or eat food only rabbits should eat.  

Chanelle Victor, 29, Leeds, UK

Chanelle Victor, 29, Leeds, UK

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Daniella Williams, 34, Toronto, CA

Daniella Williams, 34, Toronto, CA

Let’s face it, People judge your worth based on your body weight

We’ve all been there.


When you’ve finally had enough of being overweight and unhealthy.


The day you decide that today is the day you’re going to…


✅ Get healthy

✅ Get fit

✅ Look better than you ever have.


So you kinda just start…


Watching every nibble of food you put in your mouth, killing yourself in the gym, or hoping when you step on the scale it will reflect your all your hard work.


All to end up falling apart with disappointment because you haven’t lost any weight.

Not. One. DAMN. Pound.

And it’s that moment you realize you’ve hit a wall and need to try something completely different…

Because you’re frustrated you’ve done all that work – only to get nothing in return. 


"I get on the scale after weeks of working out and it’s like I never even started."

Does this seem like the way it’s supposed to be?

You dedicate yourself to the noble goal of getting healthier and more fit — while watching your family and friends eat all the junk you’ve been responsibly avoiding—

Only to have no clue if your sacrifices will even pay off.

Instead — imagine for a minute — what it would feel like to “figure it all out”?


To seemingly wave a magic wand and all of the sudden turn a corner where all of your sacrifices and efforts do everything you dreamed of them doing .


To start every day confident you’re making progress — no longer just ‘hoping’ they are.

Freeing up your life to worry less about weight and expanding waist lines and be able to just relax and enjoy a normal life with your family and friends…

…In a body you’re proud of.

Crazy enough, tons of people live like this… (and throw on any piece of clothing and look good)

Effortlessly navigating through life — while at the same time enjoying work, weekends and other personal experiences they’re passionate about.

Are they somehow just naturally good at this stuff?

Do they seem to be genetically and socially blessed?

Or could it be they simple know something you haven’t quite put your finger on yet?

Whatever it is, it’s not just you.

Most of us are in the same boat…

Sometimes we get stuck in a vicious cycle.

We’re worried about keeping up with ‘them’.

And being as fit and healthy as people we see on TV, movies and social media.

So we put pressure on ourselves and say---

HAVE TO lose weight.

❌ I HAVE TO pay more attention to what I’m eating.

I CAN’T fail again.”


And then the problem becomes — is what I’m doing enough?

Maybe I should diet more… Workout harder… Watch every bite of food even closer.

And because we’ve worked so hard in the past, only to NOT get results — it’s hard get motivated to put in all of that effort – AGAINnot knowing whether it will pay off…


So we stress…

We get desperate…

Or even worse… do nothing – robbing ourselves of any potential change we could have gotten.

But what if it wasn’t that way?

What if you NEVER got stuck in that horrible cycle again?

What if you figured out a SYSTEM for making progress EACH AND EVERY DAY, and knew — with certainty! — that all the hard work you’d put in would pay off in your appearance?

And it was easy for you to share it with your family — without complaint.


Mary V., 35, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

Mary V., 35, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

Walter Brixton, 43, Seattle, WA, USA

Walter Brixton, 43, Seattle, WA, USA




The Plant-based Success Story is a 4-week plan that puts forth a simple, straight-forward, mom-tested and tried action plan you can immediately begin applying directly to the life you and your family. It’s designed to help you quickly and permanently improve your eating habits, get better weight loss results, and achieve your full dietary potential better than anything else..


Organized into four self-contained weeks (along with a progressive in-depth workbook that will encourage and cover everything you need to know to master each aspect of plant-based meal planning process) – The Plant-based Success Story will show you exactly how to tackle the issues you’re struggling with most when it comes to how to begin your journey towards healthy living.

The Plant-based Success Story -- week 1
The Plant-based Success Story -- week 3
The Plant-based Success Story -- week 2
Maria Zogust, 53, Berlin, Germany

Maria Zogust, 53, Berlin, Germany

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Karen White, 31, Sydney, AU

Karen White, 31, Sydney, AU

Thalia Rodrigues, 42, Barcelona, Spain

Thalia Rodrigues, 42, Barcelona, Spain


Your weight-loss success DEPENDS on eating plant-based because…

…it means being able to Eat most anything you like — and STILL get the results you want.

One farmer says to me: 'You cannot live on vegetable foods solely, for it furnishes nothing to make bones with,' walking all the while he talks behind his oxen, who with vegetable-made bones jerk him and his lumbering plow along in spite of every obstacle."

-Henry David Thoreau

Because eating the ‘right’ food is 80% responsible for weight-loss and overall health success – plants need to be the start of every weight-reduction plan.


Without proper nutrition, beginning a weight-loss journey is like trying to run a marathon in steel-toe construction boots.

It’ll never go anywhere.


But sadly many still do it — relying on…


❌ Silly diets and pills

❌ Dangerous and expensive surgeries

❌ and back-breaking workout sessions


When all they need to get going is a simple meal plan

Which allows them the best opportunity to—


🔥 break free from the chains of obesity

🔥 enjoy food the entire family will love

🔥 get compliments on looking 10 years younger

🔥 have more energy throughout the day

🔥 lessen the risk of diseases (like cancer & diabetes)

…And an ocean of other benefits!

It’s so good — even Doctors agree…

Untitled design (25).png

“As the rates of obesity rise, it is increasingly important to find diets that produce effective weight loss and that can continue to produce weight loss or weight loss maintenance over the long-term. In my research, a plant-based diet was associated with a greater weight loss when compared to traditional diets.”

—Dr. Gabrielle M. Turner-McGrievy

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“My aim is to ensure that my patients heal themselves, and they don’t need any doctor. This is done best on a plant-based diet.” 

—Dr. Rupa Shah

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“High animal protein intake was positively associated with mortality and high plant protein intake was inversely associated with mortality — suggesting the substitution of animal protein for plant protein.”

—Dr. Mingyang Song

Here’s what you’ll find inside The Plant-based Success Story…


VIDEO HERE of me explaining everything in book

In-Depth Instruction designed to quickly and easily introduce you to the information, tools, and techniques you’ll need, in a step-by-step progression toward your personal health goals. Each week includes specific recipe information, so that you can implement what you’ve learned on the spot rather than vowing to start it “someday.”


Simple instruction that will keep you committed.  

Detailed guidance so you know exactly what to eat and when.

Food flexibility so you don’t get bored & don’t lose sight of your intended goal 

Daily motivation to guide your progress.

Easy accountability so you stay on track.

And way too much more!

PLUS — on top of everything The Plant-based Success Story can alone do for you — it includes a a pile of bonuses too!


The ‘Cant Fail’ Success Story Workbook


(Valued at $35.00 – FREE bonus)

The inspiration for this workbook was simply one thing—

Wanting you to succeed at this.

So I figured the best way to do that was make to make an interactive workbook, that is so well designed you 100% can’t fail.


+ Straightforward

+ Trusted

= no opportunity for error, misuse, or failure

It’s a daily reminder as to why you’re even doing this meal plan in the first place — and focuses you on your goals, actions, and outcomes.

The ‘can’t fail’ Success Workbook:
We’ve made an interactive workbook available to you as a simple PDF, so you can download it to your phone, e-reader, or print out sections. Bring this success workbook with you everywhere you go and document your success journey.

*Foodie BONUS #2:

Access To Amazing Food


(Valued at $21.99 – FREE bonus)

Just like you, I like good food. 

Scratch that… I LOVE great food!

I want my food to look good, taste great and fill me up with energy and excitement. Basically, I wanted a recipe book filled with food that everyone would be excited to eat. 

And I have!

Every recipe in they book is amazing (their words, not mine) and '“tastes too good to be vegan” — but it is!



Access to even more slurp-a-licious food


(Valued at $19.99 – FREE bonus)

Why do people love sandwiches so much? 

Because they’re so convenient, portable, and affordable — and — most of all… because they’re delicious!

This book is packed with just about every kind of sandwich you can think or — and a few you haven’t and will love!


The answer to boring salads everywhere!


(Valued at $12.99 – FREE bonus)

No one get’s excited for salad, right?


You’ll understand the value of having a salad book on hand when people close to you begin begging you for… salad?

Trust us, you’ll see!

Final Bonus:

This is easily the most important thing I’ve ever written” – Gerald Warren


(Valued at $19.99 – FREE bonus)

I am (obviously) not a woman, but I wrote this book like I was.

Actually I wrote it like an angry mother who is exhausted with all the lies and misinformation that have been fed to us (as though we’re stupid) by industries that we pay to have our backs and protect us.

“Food Terrorism is an entertaining deep dive into the subject of food industry legal lies and gives you specific, researched and, most importantly, USEABLE information you can immediately begin applying to keep your family safe.”

In The Plant-based Success Story you’ll discover…


⭕ How to prepare for and confidently attack your insecurities about food and weight-loss, rather than crossing your fingers and hoping your body evens itself out.

⭕ How you can eat tasty foods, with basic ingredients found in your local grocery store, to unlock the key to your consistent weight control.

⭕ How to quickly and painlessly build positive eating habits and routines that will virtually guarantee you make reliable progress in your daily weight-loss journey

⭕ How to stop wasting hours and hours on pointless diets and excruciating gym workouts, and identify food that will sky-rocket your metabolism and weight control efforts

⭕ How to organize, maintain, and actually follow a meal plan that tells you exactly what to eat, how it’s made, and when to eat it (creating time for a life of freedom and avoid food ‘paralysis’)

⭕ How to build deep, lasting knowledge of new and exciting foods, and seamlessly connect your body with food that properly fuels it.

⭕ How to prepare options that everyone, especially you and your family, can benefit from

⭕ And much more…


The Plant-based Success Story + #2 + #3 + FT + Timeline_ (1).png


Will I get enough protein?

I understand that this is a common aversion to a vegan diet. But here’s the reality: Protein deficiency is about as common as scurvy in the USA — but you never hear any concern over how people are getting enough lemons in their diets. Which means, unless you have a serious eating disorder, it’s almost impossible to not get enough protein in any diet — let alone a plant-based diet rich in literally the most protein-rich foods on the planet.

How will I ever live without cheese?

Great News! You don’t to.

Vegan cheeses are getting better every year! You'll be able to find something you like, maybe several kinds you like. And they're getting easier to find, too! Both at grocery stores and in restaurants.

Will I miss meat?

Nope. Not even a little.

This plan was designed with the most popular of popular foods in mind. Meaning, you will see recipes from some of your favorite and common foods in the world. Food you’re used to seeing that will satisfy you’re every craving. So don’t worry, we got you! 

What if I don't have time to make the meals?

Here’s a time trick when it come to preparing your food: make it in big batches.

You’d be surprised how long food can last in the fridge and still taste exactly the same. Most of the food in this meal plan can last for a couple of weeks — at least. So you can cook a batch that lasts week and really only have to prep it a few times a month. Problem solved.

“But I’m already overwhelmed. How am I going to fit ANOTHER thing into my schedule?”

The beauty of this plan is the ease of it. The time you’re already going to have to investment into eating won’t change. The only change will be the quality of the food you’re now eating and the benefits it gives you and your health.

And because sometimes life just happens — work, family or whatever else — if you just can’t seem to fit it in to your life right now, you can always start again later. Before summer, after winter — whatever works best for you and at your own pace.

How can I be sure this is legit?

I’ve spent the better part of the past 5 years – as a writer, tutor, and entrepreneur – obsessing over how to get people to see the benefits plant-based eating provides. My company Vegr (over 20K active & engaged social followers) was born out of that obsession — and this meal plan is the result of the much of the knowledge and information I’ve collected along the way.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.55.45 AM.png

Vegr, as a whole, sees hundreds of thousands of overall active engagement from people no different that you. People who have engaged with and benefitted from our content and material, which has been featured on sites like Plant-based News, Huffington Post and Vegan Lifestyle magazine.

What if I...

✖️Get tired of -or- don’t like the food?

Unlikely and pretty much impossible.

Only because even if you get ‘tired’ of the food included in the meal plan (which is unlikely in only 28 days), included in this plan, you’re also getting a 3 bonus recipe books. Which means, in total, you have over 300 wide-ranging and delicious total recipes to choose from.

✖️buy it and either fall behind or don’t follow through?

We’ve all enthusiastically started new projects, only to fizzle out and ultimately give up.

The good news? The Plant-based Success Story is specifically designed for ease — and to lead you through the exact steps you need to take in order to improve.

And if you do find yourself falling behind, that’s okay, just take a deep breath and start back again when you have the time – that’s the benefit of having lifetime digital access to this plan.

✖️Just start eating better food?

Yes. But it likely won’t get you where you want to go


From experience, when I went vegan ‘cold-turkey’ and have to admit, it was hell. The only reason I stayed vegan is because I’m so stubborn and would have had to explain why I failed to all the people I excitedly told I was going vegan. Now, looking back, I’m thrilled I’m still vegan. But if I could go back I’d have had a plan of action in place.

I had to get an education in food. Try different food types and see for myself how it affected my body. Just ‘eating better food’ means nothing when 1-you’re not sure what better food is. And 2-when you’re not sure how it affects your body and overall health.

✖️Just Find a bunch of recipes for free online or on YouTube?

There are definitely a lot out there and no one can blame you if you did.

Matter of fact, I give away the large majority of my own material for free.

And it’s cool if you have the time and energy to spend hours and hours wading through website after website for ‘free’ (if you don’t value your time) advice online like I’ve done before to find the few nuggets that actually work — then I definitely recommend that to you.

But at the same time — those are just recipes…


It’s like having a car, full of gas, and not no idea what direction to drive it in.

Sure you can JUST GO — but a plan is the map MAKES SURE YOU GET THERE — without wasting all your time in the process.

✖️Keep doing what I’ve been doing?

Of course.

What’s that saying about madness? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

Unfortunately, it ends up costing us in the end.

The cost of…

Long-term health problems: $273,000
Extra weight loss care: $15,745 (annually)
Losing the opportunity to live your best life: Priceless

And finally… the psychological cost of continuing to live in a body you’re not completely satisfied with.

A body you know can be healthier and give you the kind of happiness and freedom you deserve.

It's not a one time journey, what you eat is a life-long journey to lead a healthy, happy lifestyle.

From the Author:

In the next 4 weeks, what steps will you take to improve your health habits?

If you’re happy where you are now, congrats!

And if you’ve already mapped out exactly how you’re going to get better at navigating your eating, and know exactly what you’re doing, then you’re way ahead of the game, and might not need help.

But now that you’ve found yourself here, reading through this, and are moved to change – it’s obvious you’re looking to improve NOW.

Not half-way through this year — or next — when you take an honest look at yourself and decide all over AGAIN that it’s time to shape up.

You want to understand how to look better, feel better, and live better — TODAY.

You want a plan…

But even more than that you want to build a deep knowledge and understanding of the content so that you can have them for life — instead of continuing to rollercoaster through life, wondering if you’ll ever have a grasp over your health.

You want a great body.

You want to LOOK SEXY and be impressed by yourself.

And use this confidence in your personal and professional life — so you can do amazing things…

Instead of always wondering what you could have been had you decided today is the day you were going to conquer your health.

Life is a long ride — so why not aim to be at your best?

Why not give yourself access to the best resources you can get your hands on?

Why not arm yourself with the best practices from a person who has been there before?

And why not give yourself every opportunity to make the most out of every day?

The Plant-based Success Story
+ Success Workbook
+ So F**ckin’ Good
+ Die-hard Sandwich Fans
+ For Salad Lovers
+ Food Terrorism



Here’s an honest to goodness truth I have shared with very few people—

I feel LUCKY to have found plant-based health (or maybe it found me?).

After 30+ years of eating crappy food, day after day, thinking I had no control over it…

One day changed everything and I decided I would do anything it took to begin living a healthy existence.

These days I enjoy a clean life, without animal products — at all.

Do I ‘miss’ anything from my dietary past?

NO. Absolutely not.

Because there’s literally a plant-based version of literally every food imaginable.

And here’s another little secret…

Most times the plant-based version tastes better than the animal based version (Yes, even cheese!).

Which means… I have no addiction.

I look and feel great, and I enjoy more confidence and overall happiness in my life.

All my ongoing problems — like weight gain, frustrations and acne — have vanished.

And this is only because I learned the powerful effects of only eating plants.

And from there I have developed the self-control needed so I wouldn’t keep“trying to quit” over & over again for years and years (like so many people do).

For example—

Are you still unsure if you can live a plant-based life?

I’ll bet, because it’s so common.

It’s hard seeing plants as a viable source of protein to benefit your life, right?

Or maybe you are still worried or even fearful about losing the comfort meat and dairy brings to you daily.

I know this because I felt the same way.

So just look at it like this:

  • Have you tried go plant-based before before?

  • And failed!?

  • More than once?

The key is to not over-complicate the situation.

Most people in your position do nothing about it – and continue eating themselves into an early grave.

You can change that NOW!

There is no doubt in my mind, that if you want to see the potential in your life explode all you need is to understand how powerful you really are.

Here the reality—

You are ready right now.

Without a doubt…

It is no coincidence that you are still here, carefully reading this page today.

It isn’t some fluke that you’ve just found a full proof plan to get forever get control of your weight and health that has already worked for zillions of people no different than you.

One day soon you’ll honestly look and know — without a doubt — that this was one of those defining moments in your life when things truly “changed” for you… and this moment helped you reach success you always knew you had inside.

CHeERS TO GetTING started now!

-Gerald Warren

(Signature HERE)