What is Vegr?

Initially, we thought we'd only be #1 plant-based people connection tool. Ya know, friendship, dating, teammates, soul mates, and more. But we've evolved into something else. Something better. The best explanation of what is that we're a tool that inspires people to thrive in the plant-based community... and everything that comes with that.


Why are we 'plant-based' and not completely vegan?

Well, for starters, both co-founders of Vegr are vegan. But we understand that veganism is a journey, so to only cater to one group would mean turning our backs on people who could potentially go vegan later on. We want to live in an ethical/vegan world, and, we believe, getting there means having an open mind to all people -- wherever they may be on their plant-based journey. 


What is A Vegr? 

Being a Vegr is like being a 'trekky' or a 'Belieber'. It's having a deep and profound respect and adoration for what we're doing and how we do it. We've already had a few people become certified 'Vegr's'. They rock with our cause and will do (almost) anything to see it all come to life. We love our Vegr's, and treat them like the family they are. 


When is the Vegr app coming out?

Honestly, we’re still not 100% sure. We're still evolving and figuring out our best path. When we figure that part out, the app will follow. 


Who created Vegr?

Click here and find out how!


How can I be a part of Vegr?

Easy. Press the button and find out how you can join our journey to connect the plant-based world!


What’s our plan?

We will continue to amass a small army of supporters. And then grow Vegr into something unlike anything the plant-based community has ever seen! 


How can you contact us?

Of course! The easiest way: team@govegr.com


Are you beta-testing Vegr?

Most definitely! We’ll be showcasing how to go about it to our backers.


Is Vegr a vegan dating app?

No. Not even close. Even though we’re incorrectly classified as a vegan dating app – we aren’t. We’re some different. Kinda like a plant-based vampire (haha). The same way a hammer is essential to building a house, is how we will to be a key component in the growing plant-based world.  


Are we the ‘Vegan Tinder’?

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Did we mention no? At one point we wanted to be a 'plant-based people connection tool', but, honestly, we've evolved and inspired so many people in so many areas, that we felt like we'd be doing a disservice to the community if we only focused on one thing. So, here we are -- growing into a bigger, badder, better tool. And we couldn't be happier with our evolution. 


Who can use Vegr?

Hypothetically, everyone. You'd be surprised at the amount of people interested in living a plant-based life. And we believe in order to make change there needs to be understanding and acceptance of people in all stages of their plant-based journey. So as a person is respectful, we welcome them with open arms. Hopefully, it can be the spring-board for change in their lives. 


Can non-vegans use Vegr?

Of course. In the same way a vegan restaurant doesn't turn away non-vegans is the same way we don't turn away non-plant-based people. If you have a genuine and respectful interest, then you're welcome to join in. What better way is there to show others a plant-based path than sharing a meal together? At least that's how we see it.


Will Vegr be LGBTQIA+ friendly?

Yes! Our goal is accommodate everybody, no matter what they choose to identify themselves. We love every and all communities, and the LGBTQIA+ is no different.