So F**ckin' Good!


So F**ckin' Good!

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125 stupidly delicious, no-fuss recipes geared towards classic comfort foods and more!

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This recipe book is guaranteed to explode your tastebuds with meals so delicious you'll be tempted to knife-fight your closest friend over the last few crumbs. 😋😋😋

Featuring step-by-step photography and simple instructions, these recipes are great to have on hand whether you’re just looking to increase your food options or you’re trying to become the next Master Chef.

🤤 From modern classic recipes, such as: soups, curries, side dishes — cheese dishes and desserts — to fancier award-worthy recipes including: pecan pesto spaghetti squash with peas & kale, vanilla french toast with strawberry sauce,  fillet o’ chickpea sandwich with tartar sauce slaw, and smoky shroom sausage & red potato goulash. 🤤



✔️ 125 well-crafted, world-class recipes

✔️ Clickable text (Go directly to your recipe in one click!)

✔️ Detailed pictures

✔️ Recipes for curries, soups, salads, desserts, dips, dressings and more!

✔️ Easy-to-follow directions

✔️ Full-color pages

✔️ Suitable for any level of cooking experience

Your step by step guide to TASTI-LICIOUS super food creations in one handy recipe ebook.

Don’t wait! Begin enjoying these tasty, guilt-free recipes now!  

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