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More people are consuming Vegr content than ever, and we want to be able to continue to produce creative and informative content on a full-time basis -- without putting up a paywall, like many other sites are doing. Which is why we’re ok asking for contributions. Creating and maintaining our content takes a lot of time and money, but we do it because the vegan/plant-based community needs a voice -- and we want ours to speak loud and clear.

“I know it can be hard asking for contributions, but I don’t mind helping out if it means it helps you stay above water. Sites like this are important because they haven’t been compromised or corporatized, and I’d prefer you stay that way. What you guys are doing is incredible and I have personally seen your growth, which I’m looking forward to being a part of it going forward.”
— Danielle M.
If everyone who visited our site, and liked it, helped fund it -- our future would be that much more secure. For as little as $1.00 you can show your support for Vegr and our goal to inspire a plant-based reality -- and it takes less than a minute.

Thank you in advance.

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