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Discover how you can eliminate all of your vegan problems… for good — in a just a few easy hours

Dear vegan friend,

I have no idea where you are on your vegan journey. But what I do know is you are 100% struggling with some kind of problem or issue you wish you could change.

Issues like…

Dealing with friends and family who are making your life hell because you’re vegan?  Longing for a relationship with a plant-based partner? Bored out of your mind with your lack of food option?

Whatever your situation is I can make it better.

Because here’s the thing…

I have not only been vegan over 5 years — but I’ve also studied and researched like some kind of obsessed mad scientist. In that time I’ve also written a soon to be best seller called (link)Food Terrorism… produced content that’s gotten (link) millions of views... and personally advised countless others on how to successfully exist in a non-vegan world.

…Oh and I’m also the founder of a company called Vegr — where we’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours, producing FREE content and material to help inspire a plant-based reality.

So believe me when I say I can help you…

Because I’ve been where you are and struggled though everything you’re going through. And I wouldn’t wish some of my bad days on worst enemy cause they were that terrible.

But luckily… I’ll never be there again because I learned the #1 best techniques, tricks, tips, principles and everything else to make living your best vegan life something that can easily be yours.

Techniques like…

How I got my family to embrace veganism to make family gatherings and holidays a breeze.

✅ My sure fire ways to be 100% positive I’m meeting plant-friendly women, no matter where I am.

How I defeat feeling depressed and alone.

The simple way to make sure meals never get boring.

✅ And a whole lot more…

And you no longer have to struggle either…

The Boss Vegan Masterclass will literally cover every vegan related issue you could possibly be having… or any you will go through in the future. It’ll give you everything you need for you to easily deal with any and all situations and pressures that may come your way.

But don’t just take my word for it…

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I will guarantee you don’t find anyone who knows as much about veganism and who will share in in a way that’ll make it super easy for you. You’ll see for yourself why I’m such a big fan of Gerald and Vegr. They’re doing so much for the vegan community. It really is amazing!

-Cynthia Williams, 32 - Winston Salem, NC

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Gerald is incredibly talented, and a natural coach and mentor. Especially when is comes to helping people embrace veganism. His uplifting, positive, and unique personality make him truly one-of-a-kind, and I would -- any day of the week! -- recommend him to anyone looking for help going or staying vegan.

-Ryan Akers, 37 - Houston, TX

So how much, right? 

Well remember, you’re getting 4 weeks of LIVE classes (if you miss a class you’ll have access to it later), with the best information money can buy on you living your best vegan life, plus bonus gifts and material to (worth over $100).

As well as a…


[I guarantee that you will immediately begin to see results in your vegan life. And if you don’t… we’ll make sure you do. The class knowledge and information I’ll be using has literally helped thousands of people all over the world that I have no doubt in my mind it’ll help you too. So in the unlikely you don’t see the results you want I’ll gladly refund your money and work with you until you do see the results you want. So there’s literally no risk for you!]

…for only $499.

If learning how to eliminate ALL of your vegan problems and frustrations sounds great…

…All you have to do now is enter your details below to get started.
(The LIVE course starts in November!)

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And should you need it, there’s also a payment plan option.