Why 2018 Proved The Benefits of Veganism Isn’t Just A Fad (and why its taking the world by storm)

Why 2018 Proved The Benefits of Veganism Isn’t Just A Fad (and why its taking the world by storm)

As the owner of a vegan/plant-based company (Vegr), I can tell you first hand that veganism isn’t just some fly by night fad (reminiscent of my pet rock) that came and went. Thankfully, it and all of its benefits are here to stay. (Sorry, meat and dairy industry, but it’s true.) 

As 2018 becomes ’19 and beyond, I can personally confirm that much of the world is waking up and moving towards plant-based eating.  

And here are a few reasons why…

For starters, millennials have decided to be the central drivers of the worldwide shift away from consuming animal products. And they’re serious about it! 

vegan millennials

It’s almost impossible to go an entire day without seeing some sort of social media posting having to do with vegan life and living – a proud glorification of a lifestyle they’re excited to show off to the world.

But, at the same time, don’t let that fool you from the fact that the plant-based movement is bigger than any one generation. Everyone from tattoo artists to astronauts – short, tall, black and white – now classify as vegan.

veganism isn't a fad

And even though plant-based eating may not be entirely mainstream yet – it’s slowly becoming more accepted every day.

How do I know?

Because the same people who used to ask ‘what is vegan food?’ just a year ago (like my mother) are now the driving force behind it’s continued growth and movement (my mom lives for my visits so she can try out new vegan recipes. And trust me, they’re always THE BOMB!).

But don’t just take my word for it.


Here are some incredible truths that prove that veganism is more FAB than fad.

 ✔️ Forbes has predicted that fast-food giants will continue to incorporate vegan options into their menu strategy. Noting the the massive success of San Diego vegan fast food chain Plant Power Fast Food recently opening it’s third location in the San Diego area.   

✔️ I’m 100% positive that even more well-known restaurant chains and popular dining establishments with begin adopting a more vegan-friendly menu in the near future.

✔️ In addition to that, Nestlé, the largest food company in the world, predicts that plant-based foods will continue to rise and is “here to stay.”

✔️ International delivery service Just Eat named veganism as a ‘top consumer trend in 2018’ because of the 94% increase in “healthy food ordered.”

✔️Mainstream health organizations are — like Kaiser Permanente, the largest healthcare organization in the U.S.; the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee; and the American Institute for Cancer Research – recommending a plant-based diet for the increased health benefits that veganism brings.

✔️ And even Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is requesting its suppliers to offer more plant-based products.

And the craziest part is those are just a few.

Here is an incredible infographic showing month-by-month how veganism is EXPLODING!

Vegan Timeline 2018.png

You can GET IT HERE!

Hope this all excites you as much as it does me.

Cheers, to an incredible 2019 and beyond…


(Vegr owner)