[HOLY COW!🙀] What The Heck Was I Feeding My Family?


As a parent I used to think that all I had to worry about was keeping my kids safe from the outside world.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Drugs, bullies, perverts, sex — any and everything that could hurt them in any way.

But unfortunately, these days it’s not that simple.

Growing up we’re taught to just eat what’s on the table and not ask questions.

And as parents we teach our children the same thing — whether we realize it or not.

So our kids blindly trust us the same way we trusted our parents.

Because they know we love and want what’s best for them.

Which is why when I found out I was happily welcoming (and paying for) disaster to enter my home I couldn’t but get emotional, upset, quite frankly, PISSED!

After all, these are my babies.

My loves ♥️.

My little monsters I’d do anything for.

And it’s also why when I tell you that there’s a very big chance you’re doing it too please don’t take it as anything other than extreme parental concern from one parent to another.

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7 Toxic Chemicals You're likely feeding your children

To put it mildly, the food industry doesn’t give a damn about you — because they don’t have to.

And because it’s not their families being affected by it.

So they sell us SO MUCH CRAP!

  • cancer wrapped in plastic

  • diabetes packaged in smiling cartoon characters

  • obesity in bags with long shelf life.

  • And a bunch of other stuff they know they can get away with.

I mean come on, it’s ridiculous! This is the kind of stuff you wouldn’t give your worst enemy!

But I guess that’s how is goes when money is your main motivator. You’ll say or do anything to get it. And step on anyone who gets in your way.

stepped on.jpg

But does it have to be that way?

No… Or yes — depending on how you operate. As well as your willingness (or unwillingness) to use information to your advantage.

So then the question becomes…

How important is the health of your family to you?

What about your own?

And how open are you to correcting things in your life you know are wrong?

Because here’s the thing…

The freedom of choice is a right that should be granted to everyone — no matter what!

Which is my biggest problem with the food industry because they take away your right to choose how you want to properly nourish your family.

So Here’s what I want for you today…

👍 You to be aware that you may be unknowingly harming your family, so you can…

👍 Forever improve your family’s health (for generation after generation)

👍 And most importantly — to give you the power of choice you deserve to have!

I hope you can see now how serious this subject really is. In fact, I hope you can see that there really is nothing more serious — if you’re a loving parent.

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You now have my knowledge, a great ebook, and a new beginning for you and your beautiful family.

I wish you nothing but the best going forward!

-Alicia Analogues

(By day, Alicia is a loving wife, mother of 3, and successful business analyst. By night, in her own words, she is a self-proclaimed superhero — addicted to all things health and wellness — and dedicated to giving her family and friends the best chance at health there is.)