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Can Vegans Realistically Date Non-Vegans?

I suppose, like many things, this question is going to vary person to person. But the general question is quite simple. Is it realistic for vegans to date non-vegans?

Fake Vegans: EXPOSED!

Vegans have to go through so much shit -- I'm talking so so much, that we take extreme pride in being vegan. Because it's not easy and has its challenges; And overall, there is literally nothing more unselfish than not eating animals and using their byproducts.

Vegan Dating: from a Woman’s Perspective

Men can be such immature little boys sometimes. I mean, seriously guys, it's time to grow up! Listen, I'm sure you have a nice piece of artwork in your pants. And I'm sure you think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. But don't want to see your ding-ding or pee-pee.

Why All Vegans are Crazy & Need Psychological Help

Why All Vegans are Crazy & Need Psychological Help

The other day I was walking in the city and saw a group of vegans wearing masks, promoting videos and posters of deceased, tortured animals. Most people 

Yes, Veganism Can Get Lonely (but perk up!)

Everything has changed with the relationships I used to have with my friends. I still like sports, and beautiful women, and working out, and jokes, and having a good time – but I am not the same guy.