SEX: Here's Why Vegans Do It Better

As a bisexual woman in her 50s who's been vegan for 30 years, I can officially say I've seen it all. Having transitioned into veganism in the late 80s, my unfortunate self has experienced female oppression, the unfair stigma attached to same-sex attraction and the alienation that comes from having hardly any vegan options. You modern day vegan folks think today is a struggle... Yeah, right!

Back then, finding something as 'basic' as soy milk was tantamount to searching for a needle in a haystack. So, yes- I have had a front seat to the evolution of veganism. The vegan world is changing from all angles (and being a dinosaur, I can attest to how true that is.. Just kidding- never felt younger!). All angles except for one: vegans have always and will always rock in the sack. I have been married for 20 years but have also spent the greater deal of a decade dating on and off and sleeping with different people (I wasn't promiscuous, I was just exploring and was not ready to settle). In that decade I've slept with omnis and vegans...

So, I'll cut to the chase... Yes, vegans are guns in the sheets and are without a doubt the sexiest of creatures -- hands down! Here's why...


Sniff Sniff

Vegans smell better

Vegans smell better

I have always been known to have a heightened sense of smell. I can smell things from miles away and on numerous occasions, I have discontinued relationships or dates because I could no longer bear their vile smells. If a person smells like sh*t, then forget about it. 

I'm not saying that all meat eaters smell bad; what I'm saying is that all vegans smell good. After all, sex is about stimulating ALL senses. Not just touch or sound. If a person smells a little off, it can distract you from having a good time and thus limit your pleasure. But why? Well, that is the million dollar question... I have read somewhere that when meat is consumed, it releases toxins into the pores and bloodstream and large intestines which then secretes an odor through our pores. Either way, science or no science; you can't argue with experience. The vegans I have engaged in intimate relations with have always smelt far better than those who ate meat. The difference is so noticeable, I had to put this first on the list!


Energy & Stamina

Vegans have far greater stamina

Vegans have far greater stamina

Yes, let's face it... Us vegans are a bunch of energy bunnies. We eat well and are full of (what seems like) endless energy. But, I'm not here to be captain obvious. We all know how reviving a plant-based diet can be and numerous studies have repeatedly backed that up. I suppose part of it is because plant-based foods assimilate into energy by the body faster, translating into an explosion of energy. A Danish study that put people on bicycles until muscle failure found that on a high meat diet, people lasted 57 minutes, on a meat and veggie diet, they lasted 114 minutes and on an all veggie diet, participants lasted a whopping 167 minutes!

From my personal experience, vegans last much longer in bed and go like tomorrow ain't coming. No such thing as lazy sex when you're wrestling naked with a plant-based companion. No such thing as a quickie, either... ;)


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Rock Hard

Vegan erections are harder and more durable

Vegan erections are harder and more durable

Yes, that's right! Vegan men are harder in general. While many health professionals will argue that erectile dysfunction is primarily psychological, many studies have proved that ED is a result of a clogged penile artery. The penile artery is much finer than other arteries in the body (half the width of a heart artery), so as cholesterol starts catching up, the penile arteries are usually the first to clog, leading to reduced blood flow to the penis and an immense struggle to get it up!

As I mentioned earlier, I've had my fair share of sexual partners and I can confidently confirm the above. Almost every non-vegan man I have unwrapped had struggled on some level to get it up, I've always had to get to work and tire my jaw from helping them regain their todger's strength. Not even once with vegan men. They always seem to be ready for the occasion!



Blood flow is paramount to a woman enjoying her sexual experience. And, when a woman is enjoying herself, everyone is winning! Better circulation enables the blood to more easily get to to the nerves which will give the woman a greater and more noticeable sensation. Just as a penile artery may clog due to high levels of meat consumption, so can the blood vessels in her nerves which deprives the nerves of oxygen and circulation. 

Part of why I remained vegan in my early years was because the orgasms were a tenfold more intense and I seemed to enjoy sex a lot more. Orgasms are no longer a worry. I have also slept with 2 vegan women back in my early 30s and they seemed to have been on the same boat as me, sexually.



That's right, vegans are more compassionate. No arguing with that! And well, there's truly nothing sexier than a compassionate lover. Someone who's willing to feel how you feel and is truly concerned with your needs. That, my friends, is sexy. Very rarely will you find a selfish vegan. Veganism by definition is a form of compassion. 

From my experience, vegan lovers are more giving in general. They are more willing to go the extra mile to witness satisfaction on your end and seek to understand what it is that truly makes you tick. Selfless lovers are usually the best kind of lovers!

That Was Great...

So, there you have it -- vegans are harder, more into it, last longer, smell better and are more selfless in the sack.  These are of course my own experiences, but I'd love to read what else you guys can add...

Wendy Brown
Vegr Contributor, Massage Therapist, Romantic.

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