How I Was Easily Able To Get My College Body Back (20 years later)


Trying to stuff yourself into your favorite old clothes is the worst feeling, right?

Breathing like you’re trapped in a bank vault with limited air.

Desperately trying to wiggle your way into that old pair of jeans that used to make your ass look so good. It’s the immediate realization that you’ve let yourself go. And that now you’re another health statistic.

So you kind of just give up. Believing ‘looking like your old self’ – back when all your clothes hugged your body just right – is now just a dream. 

The days before your kids stole your figure. Your career stole your time. And life stole everything else.

Now you’re just supposed to forget about ever fitting into that old sexy skirt or those gym shorts from sophomore year. Right?

Well… not so fast…

What if I told you I knew the BEST WAY for you to get your old body back. Literally the easiest way there is… and it’s not nearly as hard as you think. Would you believe me?

If you said no I wouldn’t blame you. Hell, I might not either. Nobody gets their old college body back. And the people that do are usually either genetically blessed freaks of nature, or willing to endure expensive surgeries that make them look… let’s say a little strange. Either way, ‘no way’ right?

I don’t blame you for thinking that way…

Because to make matters worse, you don’t even know who you can trust these days – especially when it comes to the subject of weight loss. All these liars out there claiming they have the magic cure to you getting toned thighs and a tight, small waist. When all they really want is to push some dangerous new diet drug, a hellish and exhausting workout program, or some silly new diet fad to a few new ‘suckers’. Either way, you get screwed out of both time and money. And you don’t look or feel any better.

Well, I promise you, I’m not pushing any of that.

Let me repeat, I’m not talking about:

Ø some new ‘amazing’ fat-busting pill or supplement

Ø some crazy trainer trying to take years off your life by working you too hard

Ø or some ridiculous and unhealthy new diet fad.

‘Great! So what is the best way for you to get your old hot body back?’

I’m just about to get to that, but before I do let me tell you why these other methods are the worst.

Because common sense would say, if medicines can treat everything from cancer to erectile dysfunction, what's so unbelievable about a diet pill that would increase metabolism and burn fat? 

Well here’s the thing…

Pills don’t work (and can be super unsafe): Drug companies know that a safe and effective diet pill would be one of the biggest discoveries the world has ever seen. I’m talking bigger than the internet, electricity and fire combined. It would change the world. Think about it, you’d never have to watch what you ate again. And deep down people know pills don’t really work. But they continue using them out of weight loss frustration and desperation. And when you’re frustrated and desperate you’ll do almost anything to fix the problem — no matter what it is. 

And as far as your ass-kicking trainer goes…

You can have the roughest, toughest, most insane badass trainer the world has ever seen, and you still won’t get your old body back. Why? Because you’ll either be burning way fewer calories than you think you are, or you’ll eat all those burned calories back (and more!) right after the gym because we’ve just brutalized and exhausted your body. Or both! And then you’ll be so sore the next day you’ll never go back.


And what about that sexy new diet everyone all the celebrities are trying?‘ “The train-track diet’ (I just made that up because it made me laugh)

Well, after you “go on” a fad diet and maybe even achieve your target weight (but mostly like not), you’ll eventually have to “go off” it. Then you’ll go back to your old eating habits and you’ll completely BLOW UP. Cause not only are you now eating all those devilish, super high calorie foods you swore off during the train-track diet, but now your body is used to you eating less because of the extreme calorie reduction of the train-track diet. Meaning, if you now eat the same number of calories as you did before, ironically, you’re gonna gain WAY MORE weight than before. This isn’t just a fail – it’s an epic fail.

I should know because…

Just like anyone else, I got super busy, let myself go and found myself 35 pounds overweight, with boobs bigger than my girlfriend — feeling sloppier and less sexy than I ever had.

She told me it didn’t matter because she loved me. But watching a Channing Tatum movie while your girlfriend has her arms draped around your love handles has a way of triggering action!

So I challenged myself to get my old college body back. The days when I jogged around campus shirtless knowing that my body was catching attention for the right reasons.  

I challenged myself, even though all my friends laughed at me and said it was impossible. I decided that I didn’t care what anyone said. I was going to do everything in my power to get my old beautiful body back.  

And, as you might expect, I struggled. I tried diet pills, hired a trainer, and tried all those popular diets. And nothing. Yeah, I dropped a little weight, and was proud of myself for all my effort — but I looked more like a dad that had lost a little weight. Not a guy who people would admire for his healthy body. So, I had to hear all the ‘I told you so’s’ from friends around me.  

But I couldn’t quit. I had to do it. So I studied like a mad-man. Read every book. Took a few classes. And even went to seminars and conventions from world renowned health experts. And I finally, finally, finally found what the secret was. The secret that, for some reason, very few people are willing to share.

And before I tell you what it is, let me be honest and tell you, I’m not in as good a shape as I was in college… I’m in better shape. 20 years later. Cause before it was all about youth and good genetics. But now that I have the blueprint – weight issues will never bother me again.

Now, I can literally look in my closet, grab anything I want and not have to hold my breath and wiggle my hips to fit into anything. Everything fits… Like it did years ago.

So what is?

The answer is super simple. Maybe a little too simple and you won’t appreciate it.

It’s eating the right foods.


BUT WAIT…  because I haven’t told you the ONE VITAL INGREDIENT that puts it all together and makes it work. Because, unfortunately, there are always some beginning challenges to eating right, such as:

✅ what to eat

✅ when to eat it

✅ tasty food you won’t get sick of 

✅ simple recipes

And on and on.

The simplest way I can explain this one vital ingredient is this… 

Imagine you’re going on the trip of a lifetime. A whirlwind 3 month dream vacation to every fabulous country in the world you’ve ever wanted to visit – on a private first class jet! Your plane is equipped with everything you could possibly ever want – delicious 5 star meals, live entertainment, spacious, comfortable seats…. It has it all! All except one super important thing… a map. The pilots have no idea where they’re going. So they sit on the runway trying to figure out what direction to go in. And you end up never going anywhere.

How would you feel if you were that close to your dream trip and then nothing? All because of a simple map. I imagine you’d be letting the 4-letter words fly, right?

So if you wouldn’t be ok accepting runway fumes and jet engines over your dream vacation, why would you accept low to no results for something as important as your health and body?

Remember, a road is just a concrete slab if you don’t know what direction to go on it.

If you want to have a healthy, toned, youthful body — a body you’re proud of  — then there’s only one way to get it. I look back now only wishing I’d had the opportunity you have in front of you now much sooner, because it was literally so ridiculously simple!

You’re in the right place, at the right time, with the right opportunity. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Just CLICK THIS button below and go for it!


4 weeks from now you’ll be glad you gave it a go!