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Why Veganism Is True Feminism

Veganism is true feminism

I’m not fond of social justice warriors, because they fight for causes that have long been accomplished. Black Lives started Mattering a long time ago when the Republican Party voted against the enslavement of black people. If Black Lives didn’t matter in America, the White House would never have harbored a black president for eight years.

There’s no need to block the traffic with human chains to enforce rights that have already been acknowledged. Woman is the Nigger of the World - sang John Lennon. He was right then - but contemporary feminism is outdated. Its adherents are not to be compared with their predecessors, the true feminists who fought for rights that were factually denied to them. Those women wanted to break free from their second-rate role as cherry pie baking housewives, get a job and vote - and they succeeded! The feminists of today are not feminists, but females who blame men for everything that’s dysfunctional in their lives. If you’re a feminist in Saudi Arabia and fight for your right to leave your house without a male companion, I salute you. If you live in Manhattan, brunch with the girls after an overpriced Bikram yoga class and scapegoat people for having a penis, I urge you to self-reflect. While you cry about imaginary wage gaps, there are women on other continents who get acid thrown in their faces for wearing nail polish. If you really care about women, go stand in front of the Saudi Arabian embassy and protest.

Or go vegan, as veganism is the only true social justice war that needs to be waged in the west today, and the only credible form of feminism. The milk you pour in your kid’s cereal in the morning comes from a female cow who was raped by farmers who forced bull seed into her genitals. She needed to be pregnant and deliver a calve to be able to lactate, so humans could steal their milk. When that calve was taken away from her, she cried for weeks. A female chicken is obliged to stand in her own feces in tiny cages that cut her feet and lay eggs the whole time. Laying eggs is as stressful to her as delivering a baby is to a woman. The smell of ammonia makes her lose her minds, so she attacks other chickens. A farmed female sturgeon is cut open alive for her black eggs and thrown back into the water without sedation, so socialites who call themselves feminists can stuff their mouths with caviar.

True feminism is about compassion for the females that are denied all the rights - the right to life, and the right to the pursuit of happiness. These are not rights we should give them, but birthrights we have taken from them. They are the birthrights of all females. And revolting against that, is what I call true feminism.

Respect all females. Go vegan.

Alexandra Villers
Vegr Contributor, Political Commentator, Pianist, Animal Rights Activist

New Vegan Movement Set to Change The Way People Treat Animals


Trying to make any type of meaningful, monumental change in this world is a frustratingly difficult task, mainly because of one fatal human flaw: The vast majority of people hate change. Be it in ourselves or in the outside world – we’d rather stick to what we know than venture off. We seek comfort and crave casual. It’s just easier that way.

If change were easy we’d all be able to quit things immediately and easily.

I realized a long time ago that, no matter how I tried to slice it, individually, I personally don’t mean much to this earth. To my family and friends, yes. To the few people I may reach on a daily basis, definitely. But if we’re talking making a worldwide change, no way. It’s just not possible for an average, everyday guy. Which is why a movement that inspires togetherness, with a common goal, was so necessary. Basically because we couldn’t think of a better way.  

That’s why when we set out to find out something that we felt would literally change the world – figuring out what it would be was the hardest part.

What would impact people greatly, with minimal effort, and impact on the world majorly?

And by George I think we got it!

No matter what the world says, I genuinely believe that most people, at their core, are good people. Most of us have just lost our way.

And I think I can safely say that most people probably consider themselves to be animal lovers too. Some of us have just lost our way regarding the treatment of them too.

If we’re being truthful, most people know that eating animals is a contradiction to the notion of loving them, since it completely devalues animals to objects, and disregards their wellbeing, comfort, and happiness. 

That why this movement centers on animals specifically.


#TheNewNormal Movement

The New Normal movement is an international movement against the slaughter, abuse, and mistreatment of animals.

#TheNewNormal is a hashtag used on social media to help promote widespread attention for the need for compassion to become the norm for animal treatment.                                                                                      

The main purpose of the movement is to empower people through empathy and compassion -- especially those who consider themselves to be animal lovers. 

Why we created it:

The New Normal movement is something that we started out of necessity, and something that we thought that not only our vegan community needed, but everyone else in the world, as well.  We fully expect it to grow over the years into something that’s unstoppable that will change the views of animal treatment worldwide. This movement is powerful because it challenges the notion of what ‘normal’ really is.  And causes a head-on collision between these world of true compassion and love for animals.

How the hashtag will be used:
People will be spreading their compassion for animals by posting a picture of them affectionately hugging an animal followed by the Hashtag #TheNewNormal. If you don’t have an animal to hug, then you can post a picture of a key vegan moment or item together with the hashtag. Post it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

It’s going to take a collective, monumental effort to make compassion, for all animals, something that’s seems as normal behavior.

People love their food most importantly, so we know we have our work cut out for us. But every great started with a few, then grew to many.

We can do this!

Share, spread, and live #TheNewNormal

-Gerry (Vegr co-founder)


The New Normal movement is an international movement against the slaughter, abuse, and mistreatment of animals. #TheNewNormal is a hashtag used on social media to help promote widespread attention for the need for compassion to become the norm for animal treatment.

Why I'm No Longer Vegan

The following is a transcript of our incredibly popular video titled Why I'm No Longer Vegan. Presented by Vegr's Co-Founder, Gerry Warren. We have received a plethora of emails asking us to release the transcript, so here it is. 

I'm no longer a vegan

I just want everybody to know that since a few days ago, I'm no longer vegan.

I guess I'll start by saying that it's been too tough...

I went out with a friend... He ordered a steak and... it was too much for me. I love steak too much. It just looked too good. I had to clamp down into it. I was trying to do it for the animals. I really, really was. That was my intent-- to do it for the animals, right?

But I couldn't do it. 

I love ice cream. I love bacon. I was just getting too much flack. People were making fun of me. It was too tough. I wasn't getting any support. I met this girl and she told me she couldn't date a vegan. I went to a restaurant... again, and they didn't have vegan options. I had to leave... and it was embarrassing.

I got tired of people talking about how freaking annoying vegans are. Or how much they impose their will on people.

I couldn't do it. I wasn't strong enough. 

I mean, F%#K the animals, right?

I needed bacon. I needed steak. I needed ice cream. I needed cheese. I couldn't do it.

I couldn't stop eating these things for animals. I couldn't stop eating these things for animals. I couldn't stop eating certain foods that are animals for animals. I couldn't stop doing something that's vicious, torturous, murderous, disgusting, barbaric, outdated. I couldn't stop doing it for animals.

how to go vegan the right way

I couldn't do it.

F%$K the animals, right?

Let's keep on doing what we're doing. Let's keep using their hydes for jackets when it's cold. Let's keep putting them on plates with A1 sauce and french fries and mashed potatoes. Let's keep waking up on Sunday hungover and going to get them with a side of pancakes. Let's keep doing all this disgusting stuff.

I'm no longer vegan, right? Because I don't give a damn about animals.

Does that sound right to you?

I will never, ever, ever stop being vegan. I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever give up on my convictions.

I'm vegan for life... for the animals. Because I care about the animals.

I'm doing this for equality. True equality. Not just human equality. So I'll never stop. I'll never stop this fight.

It's every day.

It's forever.

It's who I am.

By: G N Warren
Vegr co-founder

***We created an excellent little book to help you stand up for yourself called When They This, You Say That”: Vegan Self-defense 101”. GET IT HERE!***


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