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Veganism: The GOOD, The BAD, & The UGLY REALITY

To take a page out of Forrest Gump's book, "my dad used to always tell me that life wasn't ever going to always be fun. It didn't take me very long to understand what he meant by that".

Why Veganism Has Gone Viral In 2017

Why Veganism Has Gone Viral In 2017

20 million people in the United States classify themselves as vegans. Come on, what better news is there than that? So, in honor of the big 20, I have decided on putting together a list of the 5 reasons why I think veganism has gone so viral in 2017. Enjoy!

Why People Will Try Every Diet, But Won't Go Vegan

Detoxing, low carbs, 6:1, 5:2, 7:2:2, pills, smoothies and so on... Society is so confused by an overwhelming number of fads. Unhealthy fads, to be exact. This needs to be STOPPED!

Simple, Sexy and Secure: Why you're the hottest when you're not even trying!

In a world inundated with glamor and superficiality, we explore why simplicity is sexier than ever. Especially among vegan men and women.