An Open Letter to Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay goes vegan

Dear Gordon:

What can I say? Welcome to the vegan family! I applaud you for choosing a lifestyle devoid of cholesterol, cruelty and hypocrisy. On behalf of the vegan community, I want to welcome you to this new positive chapter of your life. We have had many celebrities embrace a vegan lifestyle over the past year. Ranging from world-class athletes to renowned performers- the vegan message is slowly seeping into the mainstream world and thanks to these people, plant-based eating is ballooning in popularity. Though when I stumbled across your announcement on my twitter feed, I was a little more excited than usual for several reasons.

I won’t lie, I was surprised when I read your announcement. You’ve cracked a few jokes about vegan food in the past, so I started perceiving you as a staunch meat loving foodie who’s set in his ways (many chefs I know constantly deride plant-based cooking). I was clearly wrong and for that, I take my hat off to you for proving me wrong. You’re clearly an open-minded, progressive thinking individual who thinks with his gut before he acts.

So, I’m excited about your change of heart because, well, you’re the king of cooking. Your ability to amalgamate ingredients and magically create mouth-watering and unique dishes is unparalleled. You have millions of followers around the world (including my mother who happens to be your number one fan) who respect you like none other. Having athletes and celebrities embrace veganism is great, but when someone like you, who is a culinary wizard does so, it’s particularly special. Because when it comes to food, people could not take you more seriously.

I’m also excited to witness you revolutionize vegan cooking with your next-level creativity. Plant-based cooking is constantly evolving and having you on board is going to play an integral part in its evolution.

Oh, and on that note, a little heads up- you’ll notice that going vegan will at first be a little challenging, but rest assured the options are endless. Bear in mind that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. However, being such an accomplished man in your respective industry, it’d be healthy for you to seek a new challenge and flex your culinary muscles beyond what you ever thought you’d be capable of. And doing so in the most compassionate, healthy and positive of ways is undoubtedly a bonus.

The vegan community is accommodating and supportive. There are many resources and websites you can refer to (such as ours; Vegr) which will make your transition smoother and enhance your general knowledge. There are a ton of meal plans such as this, which will give you ideas on how to balance your week in the most efficient of ways. There are ebooks such as Vegan Self Defence 101 which will help you handle confronting questions from members of the media or followers and most importantly, a plethora of documentaries such as What The Health, Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives and Earthlings which will help cement your understanding of why it’s so important to abstain from eating animal products in today’s modern age.

Gordon, Thanks again for being the leader that you are and for surprising the vegan community with your independent thinking and initiative. We’re here for you at all times and are glad to have you on board.

Yours truly,

Alex Moller
Vegr Co-Founder and fan.

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