The meaning of life VS The Meaning Of Life

The meaning of life vs the meaning of life

By: G N Warren

Vegr co-founder

We’ve all asked it at one point in our lives, in one way or another.  I know, personally, it’s occupied so much or of my thoughts, it should have to pay rent. And for years it eluded me and turned into frustration and discontent. And, like many things in our lives, I just got tired of going in circles with it and suffering the consequences because of it. So I decided that figuring it out what going to be my life’s missions – because without, my life didn't feel like it was being lived. So I dedicated myself to education. Listening and reading the best philosophers and thinkers I could find. And surrounding myself with people whom I felt were genuinely wise. And after a few years, I finally figured it out. And with my discovery, everything changed in my life… for the better.


-During my ‘pilgrimage’ I learned 3 very important things-


The first: It’s YOUR mission. As in, you can’t go to a psychic, fortune-teller, or your best friend to find the answer. It’s something you have to discover yourself. And when you do – everything changes for the better.

The second: Even when you get the answer, the result is based on action, and not just understanding.

The third: It’ll change everything for you… for the better.

And this is not to disparage anyone's religion OR lack thereof. If anything, it should strengthen whatever beliefs and convictions you have.


Life’s meaning is…

Life should be a constant, never-ending plethora of exciting challenges. We are all taught to conform and seek comfort. To settle, and sit back, relax, and just exist. And other times we're taught to chase happiness. But I've learned two problems with that philosophy. ONE: you only chase things that don't want to be caught. And TWO: happiness is about as unsustainable as an omnivorous diet. We’re meant to be thrill-seekers, like the guys we call crazy for jumping out of airplanes or climbing mountains. Maybe not as extreme, but we’re meant to chase challenges in life. Ya know, those things your mind tells you to be afraid of that your heart begs you to do. Those things that seem impossible and unrealistic. And one day impossible will go from impossible, to impossible to live without.




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As I was educating myself on the meaning of life I realized that I had truly realized the meaning of life and completely glossed over it. Give me a moment to explain.

Personally, I went vegan because I could no longer ignore what I had discovered when it came to animal mistreatment and cruelty; along with the hypocrisy of supposedly being a ‘good person,’ but eating the animals that wanted to live just like me. Simply put, veganism changed everything for me. My approach to life being the most important change. It motivated me like nothing ever has. It made me start believing in myself and approaching every day as a day meant to be cherished and lived in excitement, as opposed to a safe, mundane mediocrity.

But see, that was the irony in it all. Realizing that the meaning of life didn’t just apply to humans kicked off my living a life lived for excitement and challenge. It made me slow down and take the time to see the depth and detail of everything on this planet and form deeper connections, and thus respect, in my relationships with ALL of earth’s creatures and creation. And in the end, benefit from a certain genuineness and humanity of something that is beyond my ability to create. Both of life’s meanings are a collection of appreciations and experiences that, if we’re lucky and actionable, we can all have – and live a life that is truly worth living.

So in short, I learned that life is to be lived, but also cherished. 

Bless up!


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