The 2 Words That Stop People From GOING VEGAN

I TELL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME that no one can ever make you change anything about yourself that you didn’t want to change in the first place. A few weeks ago, I was talking to an ex of mine (who’s now a friend) about how well I was doing and how happy I was with my business transgressions. And she ‘jokingly’ chimed in and said she was the major reason for my success, more or less. This slightly offended me because making a lifestyle change, in any manner, is difficult. It requires total commitment and the giving up of those things you used to do, and the person you used to be. It also requires accountability and a strong commitment to the person you’re trying to progress into being. And when you going through it, you realize one major thing: you are the only person responsible for all of your failures and successes in life.

Not that you don’t get help, because we all need some kind of assistance and/or encouragement along the way. But, more so, YOU, and only you, have to live with yourself 24/7/365. So no matter what, you are the only person on earth that matters when it comes to your winning or losing in life. You’re the captain of your own ship. And you decide whether it goes down like the Titanic, or rises to greatness like the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.


Being American, you learn pretty quickly that America is where you’re taught to always be the best – or at least try your hardest to be. Stand up and be number one at any and all cost, because second is nothing but the first loser.

My ascension into being a better version of me didn't just happen to coincide with my going vegan. It was a bi-product of realizing that I could truly do anything I put my mind to – because, trust me, going vegan was as far-fetched as anything I can think of, back then.

In going vegan I was forced to give up a lot of my ego. To let me off the hook for having to be perfect and infallible for so long. But in that same vein, I noticed that there are two words that people use on a daily basis that stop them from ever letting go of their ego, and even more importantly, from going vegan. These two words validate what they’re continuing to do, while also failing to hold them accountable for anything that they’ve done that's hindered their progression.


What are these two words?

I’d rather you try to figure it out before you keep reading, just so you fully understand and grasp what I’m getting at. Because when I tell you, you’re going to side with me. So go ahead and think for a bit, and also CONNECT WITH US if you already haven’t.


Tick… Tick… Tick

Ok. Can’t guess them and want to know what the two words are? Fine. I’ve got you. The two words that stop people from going vegan are… and these two words have been used over and over and over again. These words are… two words I have now come to hate because they are so limiting. They are… so weak and so contrived, and those using them have to do better.  The words are… no longer in my vocabulary, and, after, today, I hope they’re no longer in yours, either. Ok, I’ll stop kidding around and tell you. The two words are: In Moderation


Sound familiar?

I bet they do, cause I’ve heard them for every reason under the sun from a person that won’t consider changing. In moderation makes everything ok to the person using them. They keep people trapped in what they’ve always done, because you’re held accountable for nothing.

‘Do I smoke meth? Only in moderation,’ so it’s cool, I guess.

‘Am I racist? In moderation, I guess. 'Cause it's only against Asians and Mexicans.’ So it’s not so bad.

Hopefully you now see how these two little seemingly harmless words can keep someone from going all the way. I used to hear my dad’s ex say it all the time when describing how much she loved meat. She only did it in moderation, so 'it wasn’t so bad'. But imagine animals only moderately being killed and dismembered. Or your blood vessels only moderately being clogged and poisoned. In moderation is a killer – of dreams, of animals, of change, and it’s time that we acknowledged just how dangerous it really is.

Everything in moderation — including moderation
— Oscar Wilde

I hope you’re reading this and can understand my disdain for the word. And I hope you develop the same hatred for it that I have. Because rarely have I seen in moderation be used in a way that isn’t damaging. What do you think? Do I have a point? Or have I lost my mind? I really wanna know. And if you do decide to answer my question, go all the way with it. No ‘in moderation’ answers on this one... please.

Dan Murphy
Vegr Contributor, IT Consultant, Yogi

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