Why Vegan?

The following is a transcript from our acclaimed video Why Vegan? Hopefully, it gets you closer to indeed understanding why veganism is a lifestyle that many have and are steadily continuing to choose. 

what is a vegan diet

Few words in the English language have the power to evoke such varying emotions in people as the word vegan. From anger and hatred to some, to compassion and concern for others. For those on the outside looking in, vegans are often seen as neo-extremists who force their agendas on others, much in the way religious fanatics do – which keeps the majority of the population uninterested in getting the entire story on the why of what vegans are doing.  

Because most vegans were once meat-eaters themselves, the reality is that people don’t become vegan because they don’t like the taste of meat, dairy, eggs, and other animal-based products. Or so they can be a part of some cliquey cult. And certainly not because it’s trendy and en vogue. 

what happens in animal farms

Veganism becomes a necessity for many people when they learn of rampant and generational cruelty animals raised on factory-farms are forced to endure their entire lives – until the day they’re ultimately slaughtered for our food. As well as the intentional misinformation we’ve been given about meat and dairy and its supposed health benefits for us.

‘Milk does a body good’ and ‘You’re better on beef’ are just a few of the advertised myths out there that have the vast majority of people believing they need animal products to be completely healthy. But unfortunately, the reality isn’t that simple. 

is dairy bad for you

Cows milk has repeatedly been proven to deplete calcium from your bones, increasing the risk of fracture, while also causing lactose intolerance, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, and joint inflammation in many.  And the effects of humans eating meat are even more catastrophic. Besides it being high in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, it is also the number one cause of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes, and has been linked to other diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

vegan athletes

We’ve also been led to believe that meat and dairy are the only worthy sources of protein, but this simply isn’t true, either. Especially considering the increasing number of high-performing athletes who have ditched animal products and are now thriving on a vegan diet. 

But the main reason people go vegan is because of ethics. People who call themselves animal lovers are, many times complicit in the cruel and unusual punishment that animals have to endure on a daily basis – so that we can enjoy their flesh, fur, and secretions, as well as using their bodies for sports, entertainment, and testing. Rarely paralleling animals bred for food from those considered pets and ‘friends’.

how are chickens treated in farms

Many people aren’t aware of what life is like for an animal on a factory farm. They don’t know that chickens live in cages so small they can barely open their wings. That rods are put into their beak for feeding purposes. Or that their feet become grotesquely disfigured because they’re standing on improper grounding every day of their lives. They never get the opportunity to meet the male chicks that are ground to death alive because farmers have no use for them. 

They don’t know that male pigs are castrated at birth – without use of antiseptic. Their teeth and tail clipped so they don’t bite at each other after they go insane from the inactivity that being encaged 24 hours a day brings.


They don’t have to know that calves are torn from their mothers and killed for veal, so that they aren’t drinking the milk that is to be used for human consumption. And they don’t have to hear the heartbreaking cries that go on for weeks by mothers in agony over losing their child. 

cruelty of the dairy industry


And many people have let themselves believe that circus and racing animals are happy and eager to perform for us, and somehow immune to abuse. But we aren’t allowed to see what happens behind the curtains when the show is over.


environmental impact of animal farming

Another ever-increasing problem with animal agriculture is its effect on the environment. When land is used to raise animals for food, instead of crops, billions of gallons of precious water and soil are lost, trees are cut down to make land for grazing or factory-farm slaughterhouses, and untreated animal waste pollutes oceans and local rivers and streams – killing billions of marine life.

And all of this happens, not because we need meat and dairy to live – no. We do it because we like and are used to the way it tastes. That’s it’s. But today, more than ever, it’s possible for us to be completely healthy without the use of animal products in our diet. And for those who fear the loss of taste, believe me when I tell you that there are plenty of vegan alternatives out there that can accommodate the needs your taste-buds have become accustomed to. 

vegan bbq ribs

Rather it famous actors, athletes, and politicians, to people just like you and me – veganism is catching on in ways never before seen and giving people a healthy, happy, cruelty-free existence along the way.

animal lovers

Some people will mock this video. Some will comment that they’re eating meat as they watch it. Others will simply dismiss the claims made in it as false. But, for some, it will change their lives forever. 

I sometimes wish there were another more common word for 'vegan' that didn’t evoke such negative emotions in people. Maybe then more people would be more open to it. But I remain hopeful that videos like this, and others, will touch someone, somewhere, and give them a new sense of clarity on veganism, and how they will face today, tomorrow and the future. 

I’ll end this by asking you, If there were a way to save the lives of both humans and animals would you do it? 

considering a vegan diet

And Isn’t the future of our planet worth the attention?

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