Veganism: The GOOD, The BAD, & The UGLY REALITY

To take a page out of Forrest Gump's book, my dad used to always tell me that life wasn't ever going to always be fun. It didn't take me very long to understand what he meant by that. There's always a good and a bad in everything we do or choose. Which, when you think about it, really sucks. I mean, in a perfect world, jumping in front of a bus to save a puppy would grant me VIP entrance to club heaven. But in reality, I could make that same heroic leap and the puppy and I could still be fatally injured. Sounds morbid, I know -- but it's real. So when I decided that veganism was my future, I only concentrated on the positive aspects of it, foolishly forgetting that there are negatives in everything we do. So, in full disclosure, here are a few of my top pros and cons of being veganism... in no particular order. 


Con: Limited Food Options

I hate not being able to just eat whatever I want, whenever I want, like omnis can. Not that I want their food, but I'd love to have their freedom. Sometimes I don't feel like checking ingredients on every box of everything -- only to find that it has milk, or some other shit in it. I hope that when I travel I won't be faced with eating salad and crackers the entire time -- for a lack of options.  I like variety, and as such, I often times wished I lived in a vegan bubble where I could go back to the days of blindly eating everything -- without worrying about if what I'm eating previously had a mother.


Pro: Life Purpose

Simply put, my life now has more purpose than it ever had before. And it's not even close. Before going vegan, I was lost in the sea of life. Aimless and goalless -- I was a mess. Veganism didn't just change my eating habits -- it changed my overall philosophy, and the actions I now take. It proved to me that I could do anything I wanted in life and successful at it. It gave me a daily purpose and opened up new doors to understanding myself that I never knew existed. They say a man without a purpose is a man destined for failure. Veganism gave me that purpose and it spilled into my professional and personal lives alike.


Con: Dealing with ignorant people

I know the stupid things people say about veganism, because I once used to say them. Protein, bacon, if I missed meat -- I've literally heard them all. The perception of veganism has been so tainted that people unfamiliar with it think so negatively of it and those that do it. They think we're trying to force our views onto them -- and think we're trying to be better. And, as a general rule, people get angery when their actions are called into question. So, dealing with people and their ignorance ranks very high on cons list of veganism.


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Pro: I look unbelievable naked

Veganism has slimmed me down and toned me up so well. I feel more alive daily and all the little nagging joint pains I once had are no longer a thing. Sometimes I'm hesitant to verbalize this kind of 'miracle cure-like' results, because to outsiders they probably sound like bullshit. But at the same time if water is wet then it is indeed wet -- especially when I'm standing in front of you dripping water on your floor. I feel better, look better and healthier, and feel rejuvenated as an everyday thing. Believe it or not.


Con: Most people will never go vegan

This one is a hard one to write. But it's the truth. And it's not because they don't understand why veganism is so important. Most people won't do it because it's easier to stay doing what you've always been doing. Human beings hate change -- because it involves the unknown. It's the same reason a person won't quit a job they hate, even though they're miserable. A wise man once said that most people prefer known hells to unknown heavens. Most people would rather not do anything that's gonna make them uncomfortable. And we all know that veganism is the definition of change. 


Pro: I'm a hero

Or at least I feel like one every day. I save animals and the planet every single day. What else would you call it? Being a reformer comic book geek, I always think of a team of vegan superheroes battling for voiceless animals, Ava this planet we all call home. I imagine myself fighting a never ending battle day after day, because it's what I stand for. Corny, I know, but again, it's real. I'm a hero... and every vegan reading this is too.



These are just a few reasons, good and bad, I could think of -- regarding to vegan or not. And even though I love veganism to death, I truly believe others should understand the WHY of doing it or not. It's not easy, but for me, it's more worth it than anything I've ever done. I would hate for a person to go into it blindly, thinking it's easy and then turn their back on it because they never got acclimated with the difficulties. Anyways, I hoped this helped, and make sure to keep an eye out for part two :)

Dante Williams
Vegr Contributor, Artist, Comic Book Lover.