The One Thing I Hate About Being Vegan

I have always been an animal lover and an intuitive empath, so it was only a matter of time until I had finally embraced and adopted the vegan lifestyle. And what a journey it has been... Not one regret. Nada. If anything, it has been arguably the best decision I have ever made. Well, second best after abdicating my rap career at age 16 (but that’s another story for another time! *gulp*). I don’t mean to be captain obvious, but veganism is frigging awesome. The community is tight and unified; the food is astoundingly delicious; guilt factor is at a colossal zero — and, well, the girls are unbelievably stunning! Not just externally, but stunning in every way!

Though that’s exactly the problem, my friends. Where the hell are those girls!? I mean, they aren’t exactly knocking on my door… The ones I have encountered are either in not-so-ideal relationships with omnivores, or are out-of-reach Instagram pseudo celebrities. Where are all the normal girls?

Well, I thought I’d give good ol’ Tinder a crack. Without even realizing I was using my pre-vegan account, I rashly began swiping accordingly, and surprisingly scored a chunk of matches. Some were sweet girls, some were apparently mutes, and others were a little overly inquisitive. But that’s Tinder for you – so I’m not stating anything new. I did go on a few dates, but the minute I uttered the V word, they would incredulously (and almost predictably), and without fail, bombard me with the usual crap. I’m not going to even bother reiterating the questions. You know which ones I’m talking about (*cough-cough* protein). In many cases, while swiping, I would encounter profiles vehemently instructing the swiper to swipe left if they are… yes, you guessed it — VEGAN. Fine, screw you. Though I did find it a little discouraging.

I then reviewed my profile and thought I’d narrow down my target audience. So, I added that I’m vegan and walla! Nothing ensued. In fact, I’d be lucky to score one match for every 50-60 swipes. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not the worst looking guy in the world. Simply put, Tinder was a let-down. Though being the persistent bastard that I am, I kept pursuing that missing piece of my vegan puzzle — a compatible lover who’s either vegan or would kindly respect my vegan lifestyle.


Ok, round two. I thought it would be wise to narrow down the target market and focus on specifically swiping with nearby vegans. Tinder, Bumble and Happn are great for everyday people, but I’m not after everyday people. I’m after a like-minded, health conscious, compassionate and animal loving vegan girl. So, I somehow managed to find a couple of corny vegan dating apps — but I should have known better. Notwithstanding the fake profiles and the fact that the nearest semi-real girl was at least 20 miles away, the apps were glitchy and counterproductive. After a week of using them, I started coming to the realization that I could possibly be the only person using them in my neighborhood. And hell, I find it incredibly hard to believe that there are no vegan chicas in my neighborhood. So, I thought I’d do what’s best for my poor phone and delete those so called ‘dating apps’. Great. I was back to square one.

My next step was to join vegan singles groups on Facebook. They had a surprisingly wide range of members, but being the semi-introvert that I am, I felt a little uncomfortable displaying my profile on the wall for everyone to see. I did, however, form some genuine friendships and got to chat with some lovely girls. However, and I don’t mean to be Mr. Negative here, something was missing.

This whole journey felt like an uphill rollerblading session. Having gone from not having to think of dating as a struggle, to trying to find a grain of rice in the sand, is not something I would have ever expected to endure. Essentially, it’s a reality most single vegans regularly face. It’s hard to pinpoint someone who not only shares your values, but also understands your dietary needs.


Truth is, ever since I got involved with Vegr, I haven’t had time to pursue any plant-based ladies. I’m putting that on hold for the greater good of the Vegan community, with hopes that we'll shorten the grueling divide almost every vegan is faced with. It’s my way of giving back to the vegan community: by addressing a significant problem and bettering the lives of many vegans (including ourselves). Because let’s face it — being single is the one thing that truly sucks about veganism.

Please comment below and share a personal struggle pertaining to your life as a single vegan. We’d love to hear it!

Peace and love!

Alex Moller
Vegr Contributor, Actor, Entrepreneur.