Why If Men Were Smart They'd Go Vegan

I was recently walking in the annual MS walk in San Diego and was talking to a really good friend I hadn’t talked to in ages. We were talking about everything from life to career, when (of course) the inevitable subject of women came up.

I was telling him how I was so focused on Vegr that I hadn’t even met, nor talked to, a woman (of interest) in forever (ok, a few months, but it seems like ages when I think of it). Anyways, my friend, who has always pretty much been as consistently single as me, was telling me he’d just gotten out of a relationship – and thus back in the dating scene. All the bad dates, good dates – the potential, hope, joys and pains – aka, being single. As a self-proclaimed ‘part-time vegan’ (part-time is better than no-time, in my eyes), he told me he goes to a lot of vegan places and events. And he commented on how there were always so many hot, single, vegan women attending – as well as how he was many times the only guy in a sea of women.

Being that this was something I already knew, we were kind of making jokes about how, if men were smart, they’d go vegan. But the more we thought about it, we concluded that if a man was smart, HE REALLY WOULD GO VEGAN! Let me disclaim that I am not a fan of liars, cheaters, or fakes of any kind. And the last thing I want is for men to go out of their way to pretend they’re vegan, just to seduce one of my kind (I’m very protective of my vegan sisters). But good lord, so many vegan places are literally littered with hot, smart, intelligent, active vegan women. And if animal ethics and overall health aren’t enough, the potential to meet an incredible vegan woman with the same dietary and ethical beliefs should be – IF you ask us. When I read messages and comments from vegan women, the first thing that seems to come up is the lack of men. And I get it. I’m sure it can suck for you ladies, which is why I don’t want the ladies reading this to get disenfranchised because of the disparaging numbers when it comes to the ratio of female to male vegans (around 4 to 1) – because I’m literally a believer in there being someone for everyone. Plus, men are starting to come around – slowly, but surely. But for the men reading this, I have two words: c’mon, man! How much more of a sign does one need to be to take action? When a company gives secret information that a stock is going to meteorically rise, it’s called insider trading. When a sports team goes and talks to a player before an established date it’s called tampering. When a cop is given information on where a wanted criminal is hiding, it’s called snitching. If you tell any straight, single man that there’s a club where the women outnumber the men 4 to 1 – men would be lined up for miles to get in.


So, I guess what I’m saying here is, wake the f*ck up and become vegan, guys! I literally don’t care about the reason why someone does something (especially when it's ethically right) – I just care that they do it. I don’t need to know how computers are coded – I just want to know mine works when I need it. That’s good enough for me. So, fellas, I’m literally a snitching insider; trading and tampering – just to let you guys know that women LOVE vegan guys. How much more do you want? This is literally the gold rush of 1848. ‘There’s vegan gold in them thar hills!” Take my advice… or not. And yes, I'm biased because I’m vegan. But at the same time, I’m real, too and I call a spade a spade with no hesitation. Vegan is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I know a lot of vegan guys that would agree with me. And for our act of valor, we’re rewarded with a plethora of potential when it comes to the opposite sex. I’m done talking now. Heed my call, or don't. But either way, vegan guys are still going to have that insane ratio – that you won't be able to get out of your head (thanks to me). And that, in itself, means I've done a masterful job campaigning. Be humble!

- Gerry Warren
Vegr Contributor, Entrepreneur, Speaker.