7 Life-Changing Vegan Resolutions To Make 2018 Your Best Damn Year Ever!

7 life-changing vegan resolutions to make 2018 your best damn year ever!

~By: Sebastian W.

I hate that I’m telling you this, but I have this fat, annoying uncle that gets under my skin every time I see him. He hates that I’m vegan, makes jokes about it, and thinks I’m somehow less of a man because of it. No one in the world gets to me like him. But I’ve decided that this is the last year I allow him to mentally incarcerate me.

And because everyone, especially vegans, has someone or something in their life that they want to change for the better – and considering the New Year right around the corner – I asked friends and associates for vegan New Year’s Resolutions they thought would help the community kill it in 2018. These are the seven I liked the most.


1. Expect less

Take a moment to think about the world we live in. Russia’s deciding US elections, the NSA is spying on us all, and your phone is relaying every move you make to the government. Ok, I’m not sure of any of this, but I do know that with all the fake news and conspiracy theories out there it’s easy to see why some people view veganism as just another mixed message. Give info, lead by example, and accept the things you cannot change. You’ll live better and lighter that way. It took me 25 years and a sexual to even consider veganism in its true light. So, yeah, I kinda know a little about the subject.

-Jamei M.

 *Oh yeah: For a summary of some of veganism’s highlights of 2017, you can download our 2017 vegan timeline infographic and share it with your friends to show them how much we’re winning! Download it here!


2. Give Sparky a break

Yes, I know – overall, a lot of people suck. And that list of sucky people gets even longer when you consider the amount of non-vegan people that don’t understand you. But you can’t let that be the reason you recluse yourself and only hang out with your dog. I’m sorry to tell you this, but even he’s a little tired of you and wants you to get out more.

-Rose R.


3. Hug that hemp

When I first went vegan, my friends kept joking about how hippie and earthy I was becoming. And I always shrug it off. ‘No way’ I’d tell them. ‘I’m gonna stay the same – just vegan’. Now, as I literally search for a lighter for a stick of incense, I must admit, they were right. I’m just a different dude now. But why does change have to be a bad thing? I’m happy, healthy...  as well as earthy and hippie now. I guess I have layers now. #Winning

-Pax F.


4. Couch potato… chips

I know exactly what I am. I text my roommates from inside the same house.  And I don’t want to body build, run marathons, do yoga, or any of that active stuff that so many people brag about. I’m lazy. Veganism is the extent of the contribution I want to make to the world, and I’m more than ok with that.  Figure out where you stand and you’ll be a happier person going forward. Now please let me get back to my show.

-Sammie S. 

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5. Use different color paint

The fact that people still wearing fur is so mind-boggling in itself. People who aren’t even vegan dislike fur wearers. So, I think it’s time to stop throwing red paint on them – only because it’s too fashionable. I mean, red is in! I think it’s time to start throwing green and yellow baby poop on them. Or vomit orange. Something that's not as fierce as red. Just my two cents. Carry on.



6. Pity the trolls

I’ve been the guy living in my mother’s basement, playing video games in stained underwear. Those weren’t great times. So, you can imagine why a troll would decide to troll. Just keep that in mind when meat-eating trolls come for you. They’re sad little people that live under bridges, or under their mother, and their ridicule, at its core, has nothing to do with you. Poor trolls ☹ 

-Daniel V.

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7. Stop the lies

Let’s be real, for most people, New Year’s resolutions last about as long as the champagne after midnight. Then all those promises get pissed away the next day as you sober up. So why do it to yourself? You’re already vegan, which is an incredible lifestyle change within itself. So, instead of making false promises to yourself, use whatever motivation you used to go vegan, and go into the New Year with THAT as your driving force.

-Ali W.


I hope that these help you eliminate the preverbal ‘fat annoying uncle’ from your life and take your vegan quality of life to the next level. Have a beautiful holiday season and let’s make 2018 the greatest year ever!


~The Vegr team