13 Simple Ways You Can Tell You're Hopelessly Addicted To Hummus 😍😍

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EACH YEAR, over 1.77 million people fall victim to hummus addiction – and most don’t even know it.

I should know…

For over 20 years I struggled with my hummus addiction.

I lied to myself about my love for it. Pretended it didn’t have a hold over me. And lost family and friends who didn’t understand it’s affect on me. Now, 5 years later I have it under control because I found out how to spot my symptoms.

Discovering you’re addicted to hummus can be a life-altering discovery. It can make your mouth water at the mere thought of that creamy goodness. Which is why it’s so important you figure out once and for all if YOU ARE ADDICTED or not. Through expert research and many life trials, I’ve compiled a list of the 13 best ways you can know for sure if you’re severely addicted or not.

Study them all carefully, learn the symptoms, and most importantly, be honest with yourself about what hummus means to you.

Here goes…

1) You passionately believe the words ‘too much’ and ‘hummus’ don’t belong in the same sentence.

2) You don’t ever worry about losing your job because if you did you’re extremely confident you would kick ass owning a hummus food truck.

3) Hummus excites you more than sex. And it’s not even close.

4) You can’t resist scooping it with your finger just to get a quick fix.


5) It’s the only food you know how to eat after 2AM.

6) You get sick of everything else in your life — your friends, your clothes, even your dog — but never hummus. It always tastes as good as the first time.

7) Hummus burgers, hummus quesadilla, hummus pizza, hummus toothpaste… None of these sounds strange to you.

8) You’ve got back up hummus for your back up hummus… because the thought of running out gives your nightmares.

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9) An empty hummus container brings a tear to your eye.

10) The small market down the street considers you family because you’re single-handedly keeping them in business by buying all their hummus.

11) You can’t understand how anyone could like guacamole more than hummus. And the thought almost angers you.

12) You’re a Proud Hummus Sexual and you’re not afraid to show it. (LIKE THIS!)

13) You’re a walking encyclopedia of hummus knowledge and could fill a cookbook with all the flavor experimenting you’ve done. Garlic, edamame, sweet teriyaki, roasted red pepper – yup, yup, yup and of course!

Remember, you’re not alone in your addiction!

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I regret to inform you that I relapsed while writing this. Oh well, I’m addicted and that’s never gonna change. Sue me, cause I just LOVE hummus way too much to ever stop eating it!