Why Meat Eaters Are Not Cruel

Why meat eaters are not cruel

Being vegan means having reached such an advanced level of awareness, that one feels the self-incited moral obligation to adapt not only one’s diet, but one’s entire lifestyle, with the ultimate aim of causing the least harm possible to earth and all its inhabitants. Because less than 1% of humans commit to pursuing this aim, it can be said that vegans form an elite of people whose behaviour and attitudes are fundamentally opposed to what the other 99% believe to be true or morally acceptable. The word ‘elite’ does not suggest vegans are better than non-vegans, but rather refers to their minority status and their growing ethical and educational impact on the majority. The aim of veganism is not to feel superior and distance oneself from the antagonists, but rather to show them their perceived superiority towards the beings they consciously or unconsciously exploit.

Choosing not to hurt a sentient being to satisfy one’s tastebuds, is a superior choice. Kindness is superior to cruelty. Altruism is superior to egoism. But spreading that message only distances vegans more from their surrounding, that is simply not ready to accept these truths quite yet. Vegans often say that the hardest part of living a plant-based lifestyle is not changing one’s diet, finding vegan restaurants or leather-free shoes, but dealing with the indifference and mockery of others. We certainly know what Sartre meant when he said “Hell is other people”. In fact, there’s no quicker way to lose friends than becoming vegan! Your friends are often those who eat like you.

Only by giving the right example, by showing compassion to animals but also by understanding our friends and family members who are unaware, as most of us were in the past, by applauding every small step towards a kinder world, can we ultimately achieve a world devoid of animal abuse. Vegans are innovators and early adopters of a revolutionary philosophy. History proved it’s just a matter of time until the rest will follow. And instead of tormenting our minds with the thought meat eaters are despicable and cruel, we could say to ourselves… They’re not cruel. They’re just kind of slow.


Why Veganism Is True Feminism

Veganism is true feminism

I’m not fond of social justice warriors, because they fight for causes that have long been accomplished. Black Lives started Mattering a long time ago when the Republican Party voted against the enslavement of black people. If Black Lives didn’t matter in America, the White House would never have harbored a black president for eight years.

There’s no need to block the traffic with human chains to enforce rights that have already been acknowledged. Woman is the Nigger of the World - sang John Lennon. He was right then - but contemporary feminism is outdated. Its adherents are not to be compared with their predecessors, the true feminists who fought for rights that were factually denied to them. Those women wanted to break free from their second-rate role as cherry pie baking housewives, get a job and vote - and they succeeded! The feminists of today are not feminists, but females who blame men for everything that’s dysfunctional in their lives. If you’re a feminist in Saudi Arabia and fight for your right to leave your house without a male companion, I salute you. If you live in Manhattan, brunch with the girls after an overpriced Bikram yoga class and scapegoat people for having a penis, I urge you to self-reflect. While you cry about imaginary wage gaps, there are women on other continents who get acid thrown in their faces for wearing nail polish. If you really care about women, go stand in front of the Saudi Arabian embassy and protest.

Or go vegan, as veganism is the only true social justice war that needs to be waged in the west today, and the only credible form of feminism. The milk you pour in your kid’s cereal in the morning comes from a female cow who was raped by farmers who forced bull seed into her genitals. She needed to be pregnant and deliver a calve to be able to lactate, so humans could steal their milk. When that calve was taken away from her, she cried for weeks. A female chicken is obliged to stand in her own feces in tiny cages that cut her feet and lay eggs the whole time. Laying eggs is as stressful to her as delivering a baby is to a woman. The smell of ammonia makes her lose her minds, so she attacks other chickens. A farmed female sturgeon is cut open alive for her black eggs and thrown back into the water without sedation, so socialites who call themselves feminists can stuff their mouths with caviar.

True feminism is about compassion for the females that are denied all the rights - the right to life, and the right to the pursuit of happiness. These are not rights we should give them, but birthrights we have taken from them. They are the birthrights of all females. And revolting against that, is what I call true feminism.

Respect all females. Go vegan.

Alexandra Villers
Vegr Contributor, Political Commentator, Pianist, Animal Rights Activist

Coming Out Of The (Vegan) Closet

how to tell your friends you're vegan

What’s harder than becoming vegan and giving up good ole’ meat? Dealing with the herds of non-vegans who just absolutely need to give me their opinion on why being vegan is not the way.

Coming out of the “vegan closet” can be rough... 

Well, it can be more annoying, really. On one hand, you want to tell everyone you meet that you’re a vegan because you’re super proud of that accomplishment. On the other hand, you just know that there’s going to be some backlash coming your way. Here’s what happened when I announced that I’m vegan.

Friends and Family

Most likely, the first people to learn that you’re a new vegan are your close friends and family. We all hope that they’d be happy for you and congratulate you because you’re doing something amazing for yourself, animals, and the planet. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Well, at least not in my family.

See, my family’s diet has always revolved around meat.

Meat is at the center of every event. As Pacific Islanders, it’s just part of the culture. At every fiesta, we had the roasted pig, fried chicken, grilled fish, and so forth. A plate of food just simply could not be served without some form of meat (my mom would get mad at me if I got a plate of rice but no meat...the plate looked empty to her).

So, when I told my family about becoming vegan, I had less than favorable results. Some laughed. Some told me that it was just a fad and I’d grow out of it soon enough. Some even argued with me, giving me all their reasons why a vegan diet just didn’t make sense. Only a few actually supported me. Then there are my friends, my “bros”. My friends all gave me their longest lectures filled with “bro science”, telling me that there’s no way I can have any gains in the gym as a vegan and that I need more protein. Ridiculous.

Random People

So have you ever seen those memes that claim vegans just have to tell everyone and anyone that their vegan? Well, it’s true. While standing in line at the grocery store on a few occasions, I’ve fed into the urge to tell people about my new lifestyle. A few of those times I’ve gotten into lengthy discussions about the vegan diet and why they believed it’s not healthy.

However, most people just didn’t really care. They’d acknowledge me of course and tell me “congrats” or “oh, that’s nice”, but most just didn’t really have an opinion on it. They simply proceeded to living their life, waiting to checkout their groceries so they can go home. This brought me to a very important realization that really helped me own my new lifestyle and stop worrying about others’ opinions.

Do you know what happens when someone has an opinion about you? Do you know what occurs when someone talks negatively about you behind your back? What happens when someone has a different opinion than yours? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. The world doesn’t stop, the sky doesn’t fall, a rain cloud doesn’t form over your head…nothing actually happens. When you really realize this, as a vegan (or just in your everyday life), you stop caring so much about what people think about you or what opinions they have. You start to just enjoy living the way you want to live, as a happy and healthy vegan who doesn’t hurt animals or others.

Feel safe knowing you have all the answers!

Social Media

The real key to coming out the vegan closet is to just own it and do it, because it makes you happy. But for those of you who might be hoping for a little help and support along the way, you’re in luck! If you’re ever looking for a sense of community and belonging, look no further than your phone, specifically Instagram. Instagram has a HUGE community of vegans who are happy to chat, support you, give you advice and great recipes, and so much more. How do you find them?


Simply search the hashtag #vegansofinstagram or #vegan and you’ll find a ton of other vegans from all over the world sharing stories about their vegan lifestyle. From there, it’s all up to you. You can follow them, send them a message, comment on and like a few of their posts, etc. I know social media has a bad wrap about some things, but it’s been an amazing way for me to find the support and community I need.

Be vegan. Be proud.

 -Peter Manley

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An Open Letter to Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson on vegans

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I discovered your persona a while ago and was amazed by your intellectualism, eloquence, and remarkable degree of intelligence. Full of admiration, I listened for hours to your reflections on the human condition, the inevitability of suffering, and your propositions to minimize it. Until I saw a Youtube video in which you urged people who suffer from depression, to eat bacon and eggs, or in other words, to eat suffering, for breakfast. Words do not suffice to explain my level of disappointment to realize that you, an internationally recognized, respected and highly knowledgeable professor, are simultaneously utterly clueless about one of the most agonizing problematics in human history, that has become particularly alarming in postmodernity: the abominable treatment of our fellow earthlings and the devastating effects this treatment generates on the environment, our fellow humans, and the wellbeing of animals.

You tell your audience that the meaning of life is to give life a meaning and that we should try to reduce our suffering by becoming meaningful to our surroundings, yet you advise it to increase its own suffering by consuming acidic carcinogens, to increase the suffering of 56 billion non-human animals that are violently killed for food on a yearly basis, and to increase the suffering of the common habitat, that is on the verge of annihilation due to climatological catastrophes majorly resulting from extreme pollution caused by animal agriculture. You tell your followers, many of which are highly influenceable youngsters, that animals do not have rights because they can not shoulder obligations. In that line of thinking, handicapped people and infants shouldn’t be granted any rights, since they too, are incapable of shouldering obligations. And, are these animals not obliged to undergo rape, abuse, isolation, mutilation, torture and a violent death because humans force them to? Regardless of whether animals do or don’t have rights, we, as superior humans, have the moral obligation to not exploit and kill those who can not defend themselves.

You accuse people who identify with any group of tribalism, but you are guilty of it yourself, since you choose to be part of a tribe. Today, this tribe is the oldest and has the largest amount of members of all tribes that existed throughout the history of mankind. It in fact comprises the majority of the earth's population, and sternly believes that humans are superior to animals, that animals are beings devoid of rights and can therefore be treated as the members of the tribe wish. The tribe you, perhaps unconsciously, take sides with, totally disregards the ability of animals to feel pain, fear, and all the other emotions you so eagerly ascribe to the only beings who truly have rights in your eyes. Well guess what, Mr. Peterson, despite your intelligence and brilliant rhetoric, you lack the very thing that is an absolute necessity for the survival and ethical evolution of mankind: compassion, a trait you mention pejoratively as ‘pity’, but which is the most sophisticated form of altruism, and of which the opposite, egoism, has been the major cause of all the tragedy this world has known. It is impossible to find an antidote to our own pain by making choices that increase the pain of others. “Do to others as you would have them do to you”, because ultimately, harming others will harm yourself. To diminish our own suffering is a great accomplishment, but to diminish the suffering of others is the highest moral good.

I sincerely hope you will take the time to profoundly research how exactly the bacon and eggs you recommend arrived on our plates, change your mind, and reformulate your message in which you extend your sympathy to not only the members of your tribe, but to the animals and to the compassionate who dedicate their lives to open the eyes and hearts of those who trivialise non-human animal suffering. Many of the most brilliant figures in the history of humanity understood that the self-proclaimed dominion of humans over animals is counterproductive to our prosperity, and the time is ripe for you to join them. After all, we should never stop striving to evolve and transcend our lesser selves… At least, that’s what I once heard a Canadian professor say.

Alexandra Villers
Vegr Contributor, Political Commentator, Pianist, Animal Rights Activist

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New Vegan Movement Set to Change The Way People Treat Animals


Trying to make any type of meaningful, monumental change in this world is a frustratingly difficult task, mainly because of one fatal human flaw: The vast majority of people hate change. Be it in ourselves or in the outside world – we’d rather stick to what we know than venture off. We seek comfort and crave casual. It’s just easier that way.

If change were easy we’d all be able to quit things immediately and easily.

I realized a long time ago that, no matter how I tried to slice it, individually, I personally don’t mean much to this earth. To my family and friends, yes. To the few people I may reach on a daily basis, definitely. But if we’re talking making a worldwide change, no way. It’s just not possible for an average, everyday guy. Which is why a movement that inspires togetherness, with a common goal, was so necessary. Basically because we couldn’t think of a better way.  

That’s why when we set out to find out something that we felt would literally change the world – figuring out what it would be was the hardest part.

What would impact people greatly, with minimal effort, and impact on the world majorly?

And by George I think we got it!

No matter what the world says, I genuinely believe that most people, at their core, are good people. Most of us have just lost our way.

And I think I can safely say that most people probably consider themselves to be animal lovers too. Some of us have just lost our way regarding the treatment of them too.

If we’re being truthful, most people know that eating animals is a contradiction to the notion of loving them, since it completely devalues animals to objects, and disregards their wellbeing, comfort, and happiness. 

That why this movement centers on animals specifically.


#TheNewNormal Movement

The New Normal movement is an international movement against the slaughter, abuse, and mistreatment of animals.

#TheNewNormal is a hashtag used on social media to help promote widespread attention for the need for compassion to become the norm for animal treatment.                                                                                      

The main purpose of the movement is to empower people through empathy and compassion -- especially those who consider themselves to be animal lovers. 

Why we created it:

The New Normal movement is something that we started out of necessity, and something that we thought that not only our vegan community needed, but everyone else in the world, as well.  We fully expect it to grow over the years into something that’s unstoppable that will change the views of animal treatment worldwide. This movement is powerful because it challenges the notion of what ‘normal’ really is.  And causes a head-on collision between these world of true compassion and love for animals.

How the hashtag will be used:
People will be spreading their compassion for animals by posting a picture of them affectionately hugging an animal followed by the Hashtag #TheNewNormal. If you don’t have an animal to hug, then you can post a picture of a key vegan moment or item together with the hashtag. Post it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

It’s going to take a collective, monumental effort to make compassion, for all animals, something that’s seems as normal behavior.

People love their food most importantly, so we know we have our work cut out for us. But every great started with a few, then grew to many.

We can do this!

Share, spread, and live #TheNewNormal

-Gerry (Vegr co-founder)


The New Normal movement is an international movement against the slaughter, abuse, and mistreatment of animals. #TheNewNormal is a hashtag used on social media to help promote widespread attention for the need for compassion to become the norm for animal treatment.

Why All Parents Should Feed Their Kids a Vegan Diet

vegan diet for children


An array of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes is a super boost of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates amino acids, and everything in between to help your body succeed. No one seems to dispute that, but what about meat, dairy, and eggs?

What about children with their differing diet needs than adults? Don’t they need milk for strong bones and teeth?  What about protein for their growing bodies? If the other parents are frying bacon and eggs for breakfast, packing meat sandwiches for school lunch, and ordering out pizzas for dinner, how is my child ever going to survive?

Eating habits are set early in life.  Do we want to set the stage for our children to grow up eating cancer inducing meats, inflammation causing dairy, and cholesterol loaded eggs from sentient beings who don’t want to be included on our plates?  Or do we want our children to grow up with compassion for others, consuming a vegan diet which includes a rainbow of plants, beans, and grains?

The answer is simple: A vegan diet is the only way to live, thrive, and reduce our negative impact on Earth. 

You see too many children in all age ranges that are obese.  You see too many children on antidepressants, miserable with multiple allergies, and diagnosed with all sorts of ailments.   Is veganism for your family a cure-all?  Of course not, but veganism creates many health opportunities for people of all ages. 

Raising healthy children is challenging, but teaching them early about nutrition and including them in food preparation is the key to lifelong habits.  Introducing a variety of foods encompassing fruits and vegetables at a young age is a positive step for their future. 

But aren’t they missing out on the health benefits of consuming animal products? By introducing them from the start to veganism, they won’t crave cheeseburgers, bacon, and pizza.   They WILL be missing nitrates, antibiotics, growth hormones, and the horror of animal agriculture. 

Maybe you’re worried about your kids fitting in. What about school, birthday celebrations, and their peers?  Isn’t being a teenager hard enough?

The meat, dairy, and egg industries have spent a fortune on false advertisements since forever. 

“Beef, It’s What's For Dinner!” 

“The Incredible Edible Egg!”

“Milk Does a Body Good!”

These were all hugely successful financial campaigns for the industry.  Remember all the celebrity milk mustaches?

Animal agriculture lobbyists have bought Congress hook, line, and sinker.  That’s the reason behind that Food Pyramids and the more recent My Plate food diagram from the government politely pushing their agenda on what people should eat and what they shouldn’t eat.  It has to be ok if the government tells you it is, right?

Not exactly.

Old school thinking is slowly but surely eroding away. 

More people are turning to plant-based meals for a multitude of reasons.  Health, compassion, and our environment are just a few.

Meatless Mondays are popular.   Schools all over the world are either adopting vegan meals or at least offering more vegan choices for their students. 

Vegan bakeries are popping up everywhere producing amazing cakes, cookies, and all sorts of sweets for every occasion.  At the rate veganism is growing, vegan options are too. 

As the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics stated in 2016, “ Vegan diets are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, older adulthood, and athletics. 

As you can see, veganism is a win-win for everyone, especially children, as it will lead to a “forever”  lifestyle encouraging future generations of healthy and physically wealthy people! 

Monica Hewitt
Vegr Contributor

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I Hated the Numbers on the Scale Looking Back At Me: The last straw that finally made me change my diet

I was used to being lazy after getting home from work, diving on the couch, and eating some processed junk before I ate my crappy dinner. So the first step wasn’t to start using a meal plan, or even finding one. The first step was…

VEGAN RECIPE: Spicy Black Bean Soup

Vegan Black Bean Soup

“When all else fails, there’s always soup...  Vegan soup!”

It wasn’t Gandhi, was it?  John Lennon perhaps?  Possibly...                      

Regardless, whoever it was that uttered those words, knew it to be true.  (If you’re kind of guessing it was actually your author, you’re definitely on the right track…)

Therein lies the beauty of veganism.  What you eat can be as complex in construction as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, or it can be as straight-forward as a walk in the park.  Don’t let the omnivores and anti-veganistas have it all their own way when it comes to culinary versatility.  If anything, a vegan diet creates a need for greater creativity and diversity in the kitchen.

That said, for the purpose of this article, let’s get you acquainted with an easy to make vegan soup recipe that will keep you coming back for more. 

User advisory:  you’ll need a crock-pot and crock-pots rock – and there we have our first vegan tongue-twister of the night!

Spicy Black Bean Soup:

  • 3 cup black beans
  • 1 cup corn
  • 1 – 2 chopped onions (subject of course to your own particular onion requirements)
  • 2 cans diced tomatoes
  • 2 cups vegetable broth
  • 6 cloves of garlic (vampires need not apply)
  • ¼ cup Worcestershire sauce
  • ¼ cup Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
  • 2 Tbsp cumin
  • ¼ cup dried chives
  • 1 Tbsp paprika
  • 1 tsp cayenne
  • 1 Tbsp chipotle chili pepper
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 5 cup water

Launch all of the ingredients listed into the crockpot for an overnight, or at least for an 8-hour get-together, on a low heat.  Come the morning, season to taste, if need be.  That’s it!

Eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Or all three.  It's packed with nutrients, low in fat, absent of oils, and as vegan as vegan can be.

Special note:  spice-wise, as detailed above, this comes with a kick.  It’s super easy to drop the Scoville units if you wish – just tinker accordingly.  Likewise, if you like to chase the burn, it’s equally as easy to rev up the heat.  Your author likes it super-hot and uses this soup as a remedy for taking out a cold.  Not only will it search for and destroy the bugs, it will do it all along with a soupy grin.

This recipe is so straightforward it actually makes a walk in the park look like anything but.  Give this a shot as when you do, it will quickly become a staple go-to in your library of quick-fire vegan recipes with minimal fuss attached.

If you like what you’ve read, the recipe in full, along with others, can be found at:


The site is a vegan, Amazonian warrior’s place to inspire, inform and entertain.  The language can be fresh – just like the food and the insights.


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You'll Never Become a Successful Vegan Until You Stop Doing These 7 Things

You'll Never Become a Successful Vegan Until You Stop Doing These 7 Things

Navigating away from these common traps can make all the difference in getting your veganism going.

The game of life is all about winning and losing -- and veganism is no exception. In fact, 7 out of 10 people end up abandoning veganism like a gym membership after the new year, only to wish, for years after, that they’d just stuck it out. It's a competitive world out there, and if you want your veganism to be a positive addition to your life, here are seven habits you need to avoid.

1. Letting fear win

When you allow yourself to be paralyzed by fear then you'll never take action when the chips are down. Every vegan who has lived in the trenches knows that failure is eventually the key to success. Take risks, recognize what didn't work, learn from your mistakes, and then move on. Sometimes mistakes are the key ingredient to success.

Words and talk don't a vegan make it. In other words, nothing gets done when all you do is talk about it. Successful vegans take action on ideas. They takeoff and execute, even when that decision can be terrifying.

2. Worrying about the success of others

Take note of the success of other vegans. Let them motivate and drive you. Just don't let what they’ve done consume you. Every person has the potential and ability to become a successful vegan. However, if you waste your time focusing on what someone else is doing, you'll only undermine and sidetrack your own progress. You can't positively grow and get better when you're worried about what someone else is doing.

3. Knowing it all

It doesn't matter how much experience you have, there's always more to learn. You have to be willing to be inspired and to learn from those around you. You might be an expert at veganism, but that doesn't mean you know everything there is to know about it. Humility is a virtue to be embraced by everyone – especially vegans.

***Want to connect with an awesome community of plant-based people? Do it HERE!

4. Making excuses

Whenever you make a mistake, claim it. Then learn from it. This is veganism, and in veganism you have to realize that things don't always go according to your beautifully crafted blueprint. We live in a world that does its best to discount veganism and what it stands for, so you have to be aware of that act accordingly. If you can identify a mistake you’ve made, rather it diet or even a article of clothing you bought, face it, and then you won't make that same mistake again.

If you make excuses for problems or mistakes, then you'll repeat them because you never took the time to identify the problem and apply a solution.

5. Getting engulfed in your ideas

Your ideas and dreams are what brought you this point. But if you live in those daydreams, you'll never be able to look at the bigger picture and understand the core of veganism. Daydreams don't typically include meal plans profit and words of encouragement, so it's up to you as a vegan to lay out those details.

Grab your vegan dream and pad it with plans that help you survive the short term and move you from good to great vegan.

6. Stranding yourself on an island

You may very well be the only vegan you know in the beginning, but you still know people. You definitely have contacts, colleagues, friends, and family -- so there's no reason to get stuck in a set way of doing things all by yourself.  And yes, I know, most of them won’t be vegan, and that’ll suck. But you’ll be shocked at how many people you know that will take an interest in why you’re vegan, and want to engage in plant-based eating and activities with you. Be willing to learn and open up to those around you to help you succeed.

7. Taking negativity to heart

You are bound to come across people who don't agree with your vegan ideals. They'll think they’re stupid. Or simply be close-minded to the idea of it. The single biggest mistake you can make is listening to negative opinions and taking them to heart.

The more any subject or idea is, the more you can expect these people to pop up and tell you not to bother. And something like veganism is at the top of that list. Anyone with this mentality should be avoided like the plague. They are a poison pill to your success. These are the types of people who would have told Nissan that customers don't want automobiles because they are too dangerous, because they’re fast and computerized. Cross the road when you see them coming.

Point is…

You're going to make mistakes. You're going to get a little sidetracked and lost along the way. But correcting these habits before you start your journey will make it easier to get yourself on the path to success.

~Carlos F.


What other habits do you think vegans must avoid if they want to succeed? Share in the comments below:

Co-Mingling Veganism With Politics

vegan political party

Many times, you’ll find people of varying political ideologies (particularly on the radical left) either using veganism to justify their political ideologies or associating the two when espousing their opinions. They will act as though veganism is somehow linked to their social justice agendas and create links between the two leading to nothing short of a political hijacking of a movement that can not be more alienated from the political realm.

That is problematic. Let me explain why:

Firstly, it alienates people on the other side who are considering a vegan lifestyle. It creates division and tells those people that unless they follow political party X, Y or Z they can’t be taken seriously as vegans.

I’ve encountered Socialists or Communists claiming that if you’re a vegan but do not adhere to their political and societal values, then you’re a hypocrite. All that did was spark a not so productive internet war between them and Capitalist vegans which, in turn, led to nothing but division (it was interesting to read as a lurker but incredibly negative). It created further division among vegans. How are we going to eradicate animal cruelty and create a worldwide presence if we’re being divisive towards each other? A unified movement is a strong and effective movement, but people who bring their political fervor to the cause do nothing but tear the cause apart.

Veganism is about avoiding, at all costs, the use of animal products. It’s about not using animals for entertainment, food, clothes, and testing. Veganism has got nothing to do with humans. Vegan activism is not sponsored by any political party and almost all vegans who engage in activism do it for one thing: the animals. Not to stamp their political message in a fancy, trendy kind of way.

Regardless of whether you’re on the left, right or center, you can be vegan and you should not feel pressured to let anything else distract you. To the animals, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Trump or Bernie supporter. What you choose to eat, wear or attend Is all that matters, really. We should avoid falling into the trap of succumbing to our innate tribalistic nature by creating ego-fulfilling ‘sub-tribes’ within the vegan movement. Veganism is not a tribe. It does not exist so that you can rediscover your meaning nor is it a mode of therapy. Veganism is merely a positive lifestyle. It really is just about being a good human.

The two are mutually exclusive, and people should stop deterring outsiders from becoming vegan by setting political ultimatums. Because in the end, the only ones that suffer are the animals.

Let me know your thoughts below.

Alex Moller
Vegr Co-Founder
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