How Vegr Started

Believe it or not, co-founders Gerry and Alex met in Melbourne, Australia hosting speed-dating – of all things. They were both hungry af, but soon realized the place they were hosting at didn’t accommodate vegans – or even vegetarians…  And they were boys from that moment on. 

Gerry ended up moving back to California, but they stayed close.  One day, over Skype, Alex was re-telling a story about a Tinder date he’d recently gone on, where the girl really liked him – UNTIL she found out he was vegan – and the idea for Vegr was born. More jokingly at first, but then serious, when they actually figured why not.

They brainstormed it a while and figured that creating just a ‘vegan dating app’ wasn’t enough. They wanted an actual tool that people could use to connect to others in the plant-based community. Something serious they could use to find friends, dates, teammates, or even a soul mate; whatever they wanted and/or needed – all in one place. So they’ve basically taken the ‘if we build it, they will come’ approach to it all. And boy are they starting to come!

Do The Unthinkable

What kind of crazy fools think they have what it takes to change things for the betterment of many?

There was no need for sophisticated and intricate research to figure out the number one vegan complaint was (outside of, ya know, cruelty to animals). They know people just want to be able to go one known, comfortable place, and kick their feet up and talk to another plant-based person. After seeing, not only, a lack saw the lack of vegan dating options, but just an overall community – Vegr mission is to connect the plant-based community. No judgment, no games, and definitely NO MEAT; just a swiping, liking, connected plant-based utopia.  

And even though the journey is just beginning, the rapid success of Vegr is enough to keep them dedicated and more and more focused and excited every day.


Meet Our Massively Large Team

Alexander Moller Co-Viking General of Vegr; Actor; Entrepreneur; Vegan

Alexander Moller

Co-Viking General of Vegr; Actor; Entrepreneur; Vegan

Known as 'Alexander' when he's in trouble (which is almost always!), Alex is a native Melbournian (Australia) known for his loyalty, loud laugh and rugged good looks. If he considers you a friend then you've got a friend for life — no questions asked. Just don't ask for anything too early, 'cause he's definitely not a morning person. 


Gerald, aka, 'G,' or 'Gerry,' or big-head, hails from San Diego, California. He's your resident goofball/straight-shooter, with a big heart. Always down for a good time, you can always catch him doing something involving fun. Even though he knows he has to be up early the next day.

Gerald Warren Co-head honcho of Vegr; Entrepreneur; Speaker; Vegan

Gerald Warren

Co-head honcho of Vegr; Entrepreneur; Speaker; Vegan