Our Truth

Truth is, we never expected Vegr to become what it has. We hoped, and worked, and even prayed -- but there are just some things you can't be prepared for. We wanted to to build something that we’d want to be a part of and go from there. And we feel like we have, and hen some. Which is why we're extremely excited about the reality of a plant-based future. As well as being able to help contribute to its growth.


Our 2018 GOALS:

  • reach and Inspire more people than we did in 2017.

  • Make more meaningful industry connections

  • show more insider transparency

  • Innovate more often

  • Get better daily

  • Appreciate the little things

  • Vegr the universe


Need help transitioning to a vegan/plant-based lifestyle?



What Are Your Interests?

Our goal is to connect plant-based people everywhere. Just click which category that best suits your personality and embrace knowing that there are other like-minded people just waiting to link with you.         


Trusted allies with...

The animals of the world exists for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men.
— Alice Walker